Japsy Takoyaki Express

I remember the first time I ate takoyaki. It was my cousin who introduced me to “samurai balls,” a nickname that unfortunately stuck for this Japanese dumpling. Watching the lady behind the counter expertly flick the takoyaki on the takoyakiki (takoyaki pan, you perv) was mesmerizing, and my first bite unto the smooshy round dumpling was unforgettable. It was very hot and the inside a bit slimy. What the hell is this thing?

Over the years though, I developed a liking for takoyaki. Made with octopus (tako), batter, pickled ginger and shrimp, and topped with fried bonito flakes, aonori (green dried seaweed), mayonnaise and takoyaki sauce, this octopus ball is certainly different from the fish balls, squid balls and chicken balls we’re used to.

Japsy Takoyaki Express
Is it just me or does that sign says “Jafanese cake?”

Unfortunately, in Manila you’re pretty much left with no choice if you’re craving for Takoyaki. It’s either buying takoyaki from Samurai Foods or not eat takoyaki at all. There must have been a growing takoyaki following in the Philippines because a couple of takoyaki kioks have sprouted in Manila. One of these was Japsy’s Takoyaki.

Mmmm, samurai balls

A huge takoyaki craving and curiosity to try this new stall prompted me, Ryan and Yue to each order a 3-piece tray of takoyaki. We weren’t really expecting much, but we were pleasantly surprised. Well, me and Yue anyway. Ryan found their sauce too sour, while Yue (who’s Japanese and has been living in the Philippines for several years) exclaims that it was indeed good. She further elaborates that though the sauce wasn’t perfect, the takoyaki itself tasted great. As for me, I’m happy to get my takoyaki fix; Japsy’s Takoyaki was definitely much better than the other takoyaki stall.

Japsy’s Takoyaki Express can be found outside the Plaza Fair entrance of the Makati Cinema Square. It’s right across Yamazaki, the Japanese supermarket in Little Tokyo. The 3-piece takoyaki costs Php 22, while the 5-pieces costs Php 35 and the 12-pieces costs Php 70.

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  1. yum! I have never seen one yet here, I wonder how much to franchise lol. I like Jap foods to, takoyaki and okonomiyaki are some that I want to try! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wahahahaha! I was wondering what my link was doing here and then I scrolled down to see your photos! Naku naman, I didn’t know na you had this blog for food na! (Yeah I know engot ako!) Congrats Nina! I’ll surely be here often!

  3. Jester: O di ba? In fairness, masarap ang samurai balls nila, kaya wag masyadong laitin XD Ma-subukan nga next time itong Jafanese cake nila hahaha

    G_mirage: oops! I forgot to tell you about the new food blog! ^_^; But you made it here naman eh hehehe 😀

  4. hi, just wanna ask if u also have takoyaki that the feeling inside is vegetables? i saw one at the mall & its so good. I am planning to franchise one soon. How can i start my new business pls send me steps on what to do & where to go. thanks!

  5. Hi Evelyn! I have had a takoyaki similar to what you described, and indeed it was good. Regarding your question on franchising, i think it would be best if you spoke with the owner of the takoyaki stall that you like. I’m sure the staff would mind giving you their contact details. Also, you might want to leaf through the latest issues of Entrepreneur Magazine and the publication Buy & Sell. Entrepreneur magazine often prints trends, guidelines and tips on franchising as well as some contact details of businesses who offer brand franchising. Buy & sell lists contact details of businesses open for franchise. I hope this helps.

  6. You have to try Kuya Chito’s Takuyaki.. Sana magkaroon ng branch dyan sa manila.. Masarap talaga.

  7. @ Hiro – Yep. it’s really cheap. And it tastes good din naman so good value for money. Yun nga lang, the sauce for me is a bit too sour, probably because I was so used to the taste of Samurai Foods’ sauce.

    @ dyanie – i know! Just one bite and then you’re hooked!

    @ Monna- Hi there! there are a lot of stores that sell restaurant cook ware in Quiapo. maybe you could try looking there? And you may also want to try checking out Buy&Sell. They may have some listings. Food business trade shows like WOFEX is also a great place to find manufacturers and distributors of food and cooking related items.

    @ angel_cdo- really? sana nga nga magkaroon ng branch dito sa manila. the more the merrier!

    @ Luis- Hi! I don’t know if they are selling franchises, but If ever you’re in their area, why not drop by the stall? It’s best you ask the staff, because more or less they might know if the company is offering franchising. At the very least, you might get some contact details.

  8. Hello po~ Nako I just love takoyaki, di ko alam kung anong name ng stall ung sa Robinsons Galleria Ortigas, pero masarap siya pati rin ung sauce.. Mga 98pesos ata ung nabili namin for 12pcs~ nasa styro na siya tapos may chicken flavor ata ung parang mayonnaise na color ung sa toppings…

    Takuyaki ung nakalagay na name dun sa styro eh..so malamang un ung name ng stall nila? ^^

  9. I first tried takoyaki in its motherland Osaka. I love the different kinds of takoyaki there. What I mean here is the taste (of the dumpling itself), presentation, and sauce. It differs as you go and look for stalls around the area. But the best tako dumpling I ever had was with a manong in tsukamoto. Wow, hindi malansa. My husband, an OFW agrees.

  10. I make good sauce for takoyaki btw. I even use that in my japanese savory pancakes or okonomiyaki. The sauce tastes sweet. well, I prefer that in my takoyaki. hehehe. Well, it depends on the person. Here in manila I like the takoyaki in Harrison Plaza.

  11. i am very interested in acquiring a franchise, will you please send me the complete franchising details?

    Many thanks,


  12. my friends have tried the takoyaki and okonomiyaki @ banawe they said it was almost as good as japan.

  13. @Sheryl- Natikman ko na yugn sinasabi mo. Actually lagi akong bumibili dun pag nasa Galleria ako. Masarap nga. =)

    @sutekicook- Wow you make your own sauce! Galing naman! I agree, masrap din yung takoyaki sa Harrison. Malalaki pa.

    @grant– saan sa banawe yan?! dapat mapuntahan! XD

    @Terry Domingo– Hi. I’m sorry but we don’t have the information you need. We are not affiliatiated with Japsy Takoyaki in any way. Pls visit their outlet for your inquiries. Thanks for stopping by.

    @Ethyl Ebal– Your best bet would be Buy & Sell mag.

  14. Yung stall sa Rob Galleria, di masarap yung Takuyaki nila. Yung laman nun cabbage instead of baby octopus. I’m not exagerrating, pero it literally made me (almost) throw up.

    I haven’t found any legit Takuyaki stall yet that has the real taste of Takuyaki.

  15. i tried takoyami in cdo and it tasted soo good ,i really sought the name of its owners. simple pero masarap. now, magkakaroon na me ng franchise yahooooo!!!

  16. I love these takoyaki from samurai balls but the store seemed extinct. Do you know where I can find a samurai Balls store?

  17. “JAPSY” is owned by my aunt Gina Gonzales Matsuzaki. She is selling franchise and will teach you how to start up the business. Most of her stalls sells Takoyaki & Japanese Cake (though we also sell different types of Maki, and other Japanese Meals). She now lives in Tokyo Japan but if you’re interested to franchise, you can reach my other aunt, her sister/business partner through these mobile numbers:


  18. If you’re interested to franchise Japsy’s Takoyaki please contact Joy Gonzales at:


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