Afternoon coffee at Bag of Beans

We were getting tired of lounging around, so we decided to head to Bag of Beans for coffee and to try out their English pies. I’ve heard nothing but praise for Bag of Bean’s coffee and pies, so I was really looking forward to it as Peter drives us through Tagaytay.

Bag of Bean's Iced Mocha
Iced Mocha – Php 85

As we walk to the entrance, we were met with half a dozen kids all trying to sell us something. Politely declining their offer, we made our way down the stone steps and into their garden. The transformation was amazing. Though Bag of Beans is along the highway, you can hardly hear the traffic when you’re inside. Most of the tables are under the shade of a tree, though there’s also a covered and screened area if you prefer that.

Bag of Bean's Mocha Frappe
Mocha Frappe – Php 95

There are trees that give plenty of shade, flowering plants that give the place a touch of color. There are birds in a big birdcage, and a mynah that whistles and talk. It was the kind of place that makes you want to just sit and enjoy conversation with friends.

I hear that the Kapeng Barako is their specialty. As much as I wanted to try this local brew, I opted for a safer, cooler choice: iced mocha. I paired it off with a Beef and Vegestable pie. The iced mocha looked pretty, and tasted okay. I love how thick the chocolate syrup at the bottom of the glass is. The pie I ordered was a disappointment though. The crust was too dry, and the filling tasted as if it was loaded with MSG. Ming’s Steak and Mushroom pie was so much better though.

Bag of Bean's Beef and Vegestable Pie
Beef and Vegestable Pie – Php 95

Over all, I’m satisfied with Bag of Beans. The ambiance of a place really does add a lot to the dining experience, and I’m looking forward to go back. Though this time, I’ll be sure to order the Steak and Mushroom pie, and maybe try the Barako coffee.

Bag of Beans
115 Aguinaldo Highway
Mendez Crossing West
Tagaytay City
Phone: +63 46 413 4356, +63 46 413 2724
Mobile: +63920 954 6369, +63920 954 6370

4 thoughts on “Afternoon coffee at Bag of Beans”

  1. We visited Bag of Beans June 8, a Sunday. There were many people, so the service was slow. We ordered their house-blend coffee. That tasted as if it was brewed ages ago and was just left in the pot for a long time – no aroma, no flavor. We also ordered their Caesar Salad, thinking that the leaves would be fresh since we are in Tagaytay after all… no such luck. But we were able to order their Steak and Gravy Pie, and their Steak and Mushroom Pie. Warm and Yummy! Those pies were the only highlights of the place.

    Oh, there were lots of dead ants attached to the bread rolls (that came with the Salad).

  2. That’s the downside about garden dining, but they should do something about the ants! That’s just disgusting.

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