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Though I don’t regularly watch TV, there are still some series that I keep tabs on. Gossip Girl’s first season has ended, and Scrubs suddenly ended mid season, so I was left with no choice but to re-watch Daria over and over. A friend was raving about Zettai Kareshi (Absolute Boyfriend), a Japanese drama based on Yuu Watase’s comic book. Since I loved the book, I quickly erm, sourced out episodes.

The thing about having watching a movie that involves people cooking or baking, you’re often left craving for whatever they’re cooking, baking or eating. I remember watching Chocolat and ended up with a mad craving for chocolates. This time though, it’s cream puffs.

Beard Papa Cream Puff

The story is about this girl who works as a temp in a company selling desserts. She dreams of becoming a patissier, and she bakes this delicious cream puffs, which her immediate supervisor loves because it reminds him of his Grandfather’s cream puff. There’s also a hunky humanoid robot in the story, but let’s focus on the cream puff. 😛

After stuffing ourselves with sisig the other night, my friends and I wanted something sweet to cleanse the palate. Luckily, there was a Beard Papa at SM North EDSA. Ryan and I had a vanilla cream puff each, while Rey opted for the eclair.

Beard Papa Eclair

Beard Papa’s cream puff has a crispy, crunchy shell, filled with a soft and creamy vanilla infused custard, topped with powdered sugar. We love how the vanilla custard wasn’t overly rich and had the right amount of sweetness. Our only gripe was the overly generous dusting of powdered sugar. It wasn’t that the sugar made the cream puff too sweet. When you bite into the pastry and inhaled through your nose, you might end up snorting the powder up your nose (and might leave you looking as if you just finished a line of coke). On the otherhand, if you exhaled through your nose while biting, the air would make the powder blow off and might make you sneeze. (Wow, this has to be the stupidest food critique ever! I’ll stop now.)

Beard Papa cream puffs cost Php50 each, while eclairs cost Php55.

Beard Papa Branches in Metro Manila:
SM North EDSA (Quezon City)
Phone: 441-5039

Promenade (Greenhills, San Juan)
Phone: 727-4080

Glorietta 4 (Makati)
Phone: 752-7036

Megamall (Pasig)
Mobile: 0922-898-1120

Mall of Asia (Pasay)

24 thoughts on “Beard Papa Cream Puff”

  1. Does look heavenly but I was laughing when I read about the powder sugar hehehehe..and thanks for the info about Yuu’s.

  2. Meron rin Beard Papa sa Glorietta’s Foodcourt in Makati. We just pass by the store and head on to the regular meals like World Chicken beside it because we think that it’s a bit expensive for a cream puff. I will give it a try the next time.

  3. Oh my god I love Beard Papa! This is where I go to when I think of comfort food. May beard papa rin sa mall of asia, in front of the crepe shop.

  4. Beard Papa was the closest you can get to enjoying these delicious Japanese cream puffs, but sad to say the quality had deteriorated over the past couple of years. e.g. they don’t put as much custard like they used to, quality of service has changed, and yes, they love overdoing the powdered sugar 🙂

    So I switched to Happy Cream Puff at SM Southmall. It’s owned by a Japanese migrant, and it’s pretty authentic according to Garandee. not to mention much cheaper….

  5. wala na yung beard papa sa SM north edsa annex 🙁 nagtransfer ba sa bagong annex? please, i need to know. sa SM north edsa kasi ako pinakamalapit eh.

  6. Hwaa! meron pala nyan dito sa Pinas? Sobrang nakakanakam nyan lalo na nung pinapanood ko ung Zettai Kareshi/Absolute boyfriend (Japanese Drama), ung story kasi may halong nagluluto ung bidang girl ng cream puff.. Hwa at mukhang masarap!! Di ko alam may ganyan pala sa Megamall.
    Thanks for the info!

  7. OHMYGOD. just what ive been looking for.
    [*raises hand* guilty of craving for cream puffs just bec of watching absolute boyfriend *]
    thanks for the price! :>
    ill try it once i get back to manila :>

  8. ACKKKKKKKKKKKKK! Yeah. I also read that Happy Cream Puffs store before I saw your post here. DAMN. I WANNA TRYYY SO BADLY. But I have one problem. Makati’s waaaay to far away :<

  9. Actually, ang problema ko pa po e hindi ko alam papuntang makati ehehehe. But anyway, siguro pag kasama ko ulit tita ko. Hmm, any establishment na malapit? I mean, details naman po, nasan po ba siya? Haha, at magkano po isang cream puff? 😐

  10. ohhhh. wow, you’re good at describing. thank you. tnake down ko na. hope to pay a visit sa weekend. well, sna nga mapilit ko tita ko :<

    hmm. magkano po ang isa? waa sorry for asking too much

  11. woah! ang layo ng difference. kalahati sa price. YAYNESS! cant wait for the weekend! thanks sooo much 🙂
    magcocomment po ulit ako pag magkaproblema :))

  12. Today is the first time I tried tasting your cream puff. Taste is just right for me, not to sweet 🙂 I often see this in Greenhills Promenade but I never tried. When I passed by your store in Megamall, I decided to get 1. I was just disapointed with how your crew members look (there were two girls behind the counter). They seem to be not aware that they are selling food and they owe it to the guests to look tidy. Sad to say, they are not. They don’t even bother to put napkins in the take out bag! Ayayay!

  13. I’ve been craving for Papa beard’s cream puff for more than a year now . I didn’t know that they have a branch here in the Phils. I tried this in Hongkong and I fell in love with it. I remember salivating every time i pass by their store because u can smell the sweet taste of the vanilla cream even 3 blocks away from their shop. I never walked past their shop without buying a piece or two. I hope they have one here in Pampanga.

  14. I bought 4 pcs of cream puff from Beard Papa at Robinson’s Place Ermita. I remember when I was pregnant, I craved so much for this and loved it all the more when I went to Malaysia coz they have it there too. Unfortunately, last night was different. I travelled from Robinson’s to my home and when I took my first bite of what I thought were yummy cream puffs, I was so disgusted because the cream tasted panis. I ended up throwing the cream puffs and did not let my son eat it as well for fear of ending up in the hospital.

  15. i love beard papa’ s cream puff and eclair! I had my first taste of beard papa 2006 pa when my cousin and i learned about it from lucy torres from one of her tv guestings and mention about that cream puff. From then on i always ask my cousin for beard papa’s cream puffs pasalubong since im based in iloilo now. Yes, happy cream puff is much cheaper however the size is also smaller compare to beard papa so i guess the price of beard papa is just reasonable,not to mention it’s the best cream puff i’ve ever tasted.

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