La Paz Batchoy Style Noodles @ Jollibee

la paz batchoy style noodles

As Filipinos brace themselves for the cold and wet season, count on leading fast-food chain Jollibee to offer special treats that give customers that warm taste of home. New in its top-selling soup menu is one of the Pinoy’s all time favorite soups that is guaranteed to provide comfort during these rainy months.

The new Jollibee La Paz Batchoy Style Noodle Soup is offered in Jollibee stores located in Mega Manila, South Luzon, North Luzon and some VISMIN stores beginning July 2.

Jollibee’s version of the favorite La Paz Batchoy consists of firm noodles beefed up by a flavorful meat broth and topped with the freshest vegetables, sautéed pork, a slice of egg and crunchy bits of garlic and chicharon.

Whether stranded at work, looking for that perfect rainy-day pasalubong, or catching up with friends and officemates, the new Jollibee La Paz Batchoy Soup is a surefire way to pamper the taste buds and the tummy.
Jollibee’s La Paz Batchoy Soup offer hot, home-cooked goodness at the comforting price of only P28 as a light solo meal or as a snack. If what you crave for is a Filipino meal complete with a hot and hearty bowl of sabaw, just add to your favorite Jollibee value meal for only an additional P25.

What’s more, Jollibee La Paz Batchoy may also be enjoyed right at the comfort of your own homes or offices because it is available via delivery. Just call
8-7000 to get your own bowl of La Paz Batchoy and other Jollibee treats.

Jollibee will also offer another soup variety, the Pinoy Chicken Mami in a few selected stores in VISMIN.

5 thoughts on “La Paz Batchoy Style Noodles @ Jollibee”

  1. i just tried this last night, and i must agree with you that this is a “sulit” meal. I’m a fan of Deco’s batchoy and rave about it whenever i’m in Iloilo. i must say that Jollibee’s would nearly qualify as one hit in Deco’s menu.

  2. i haven’t tasted this yet but my friend just didn’t like it. di naman kaya tastes like one coming from an assembly line? 🙂

  3. I’ve tried it na and liked it naman. Well, it’s certainly better than the instant La Paz Batchoy, that’s for sure XD

    An Ilonggo friend who’s tasted this said it’s not authentic, but it’s sulit na for the price 🙂

  4. i tried it i like the taste . can you give me a recipe for this so i can try it at home.
    thank you so much


  5. Jollibee la paz batchoy is a sad imitation of the original laaz batchoy. Try TEDS lapaz batchoy in Alimall cubao. Sorry but your article is a hard sell.

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