A taste of Cebuano: CNT Lechon

The second weekend of August found me, Eric and Melo in Cebu to cover the Pasigarbo sa Sugbo festival, as well as to be reacquainted with Cebuano favorites.

One of Cebu’s best delicacy of course, is the lechon. I don’t know what it is about Cebu’s lechon, but its Manila counterparts simply can’t measure up. The skin is really crispy and the meat is so tender and juicy.

Cebu Lechon CNT 02
Oh yes. I torture you with pictures of lechon.

Among the tourists, the “brand” we’re all familiar with is CnT Lechon. This is probably because there are several CNT branches scattered all over Cebu. Inside SM City Cebu, they can be found at the supermarket foodcourt. Likewise, at Ayala Center Cebu, CNT also have a stall at the mall’s foodcourt. Of course, their lechon is superb, hence the popularity of CNT among the locals and visitors alike.

We went to the CnT restaurant that’s found right across SM Cebu, along Juan Luna Extension. It’s a popular dining place during the weekend, and even though we arrived at 1pm, it was still packed with families having Sunday lunch. Ordering is done at the counter, where you tell the girl behind the counter how much lechon you want to order, and pick out any additional dishes you want to go with it, turo-turo style.

Cebu Lechon CNT 04
Don’t worry, this is hurting me as much as it hurts you… I want lechon, too!

Soon enough, two plates of chopped lechon is in the center of the table. We all reach for a strip of skin and our eyes collectively rolled back when we bit into it. It was crispy, like chicharon, yet tastes distinctly like lechon. A second set of eye-rolling ensues when we tasted the meat. The Cebu lechon has a distinct flavor — it’s so good there’s no need for any sauces!

Now, when are we going back to Cebu?

CNT Lechon
1377 V. Rama Avenue
Guadalupe, Cebu City
Phone: (6332) 254-4249, (6332) 254-6641

Thinking of bringing home a Taste of Cebuano (as CnT’s tagline say)? CnT have boxes for their lechon, so you can bring home the best Cebu lechon for friends and family. Just tell the staff behind the counter that you want it boxed when you order. You can even order a whole lechon from CnT, and have it sent via air cargo!

42 thoughts on “A taste of Cebuano: CNT Lechon”

  1. awwww…. watta morning! kanina, breakfast plate sa flickr mo.. now, it’s lechon! diosko, baka hindi na ako abutin ng gabi at mabaliw na ako drooling over your shots! hahaha…

    more than the balat, i think it is the juiciness of the meat no! it is not malansa kasi.

    btw, where is the best lechon cebu outlet ba here in manila? any recomms?

  2. CNT! Dito rin kami bumili ng lechon bago umuwi ng manila nung pumunta kami sa cebu last year! sarap pa paguwi ng bahay!!! yummm!!! πŸ˜›

  3. “Don’t worry, this is hurting me as much as it hurts you… I want lechon, too!”

    Give in to temptation, Nina.

    We used to dine in CnT. It’s a popular brand of lechon here in Cebu. Yeah, it really taste lechon. Hehehe… Glad to know, you have also tasted it. Ang swerte mo ha! Hehehe…

  4. cebu lechon and chicharon are the best!!! You guys should try the chicharon from my dad’s hometown – carcar, cebu.
    I miss Cebu!!

    side comment – for those who wish to travel to singapore or other asian countries, pls visit my food and travel blog at http://the-f-word-blog.blogspot.com/

    shan πŸ™‚

  5. Nyork, sorry, late reply Ate Gita! There’s this one kiosk outside SM Supermarket at SM Makati that sells Cebu Lechon. I’ve bought from them twice na, and okay naman siya for me. It’s no CNT, but aprub na rin!

  6. We had CnT at the Ayala foodcourt. It’s so good, I never bother adding sauce, unlike the ones found here in Manila. NYUMNYUM.

  7. The lechon cebu trip experience is so great. It’s the first time I ate lechon without any sauce to dip with, because the lechon itself is very tasty! =) I love the experience, & I love lechon cebu! =)

    try lechoncebu.com

  8. The best talaga ang lechon cebu. Walang katulad! Napaka crispy ng balat at napaka tasty ng meat wow sarap talaga.

  9. Lechon cebu is highly recommended. Masarap kasi ang lechon cebu. Tasty ang meat at crunchy pa ng balat.

  10. Cebu’s lechon is one of cebu’s trademark. They are known for the king of sucking pig. Cebu’s lechon is the best tasting lechon in the Philippines. I love lechon cebu.

  11. Wow sarap ng gising ko ah. Pagkaopen ko sa blog mo lechon agad ang nakikita ko. Hmm ang sarap ulamin. Naglalaway tuloy ako sa blog mo. Cebu’s lechon is really the best talaga.

  12. Yes Lea, there’s a lechon store in Metro Manila na Cebu lechon talaga. As a matter of fact, ka kompetensya sila ng CNT at Alejo’s noong nasa Cebu pa sila. The name is Manong’s Tasty Lechon Cebu (tel 7032133, Smart mobile 0908-3237727)

    They are now in Manila. Nag order kami last time super sarap.

  13. Natikman nyo na ba ang Manong’s Tasty Lechon Cebu? Grabe! Ang layo ng mga Manila lechon. Malasa at very juicy. Dami nya ingredients sa loob ng lechon. Di tulad ng mga lechon sa Manila na asin lang yata ang nasa loob. Im from Metro Manila pero mas bilib talaga ako sa lechong Cebu.

  14. We try cebu lechon masarap nga…but now we are in manila, last december we tried a new lechon in QC…

    Sabroso Lechon…..ay…grabe!! masarap na …mainit pa. no sauce needed.

    boy & kris feature them also..

  15. This post makes me want to fly out to Cebu! When I was last there, CNT ran out of lechon and I almost died! I had lechon at another place but I have yet to try this one. Great lechon photo, btw πŸ™‚

  16. Good news to all lechon lover! No need na to fly out to cebu dahil ang lechon cebu mag oopen na ng branch sa Pasay this coming june 24. They located at Jac Liner Bus Terminal, LRT-Buendia Station. Good news talaga dahil masarap na napakamura pa ng lechon nila. At sa wakas matutupad narin ang request natin na magkaroon sila ng branch dito sa manila.

    For more info visit http://www.lechoncebu.com

  17. Hi. Just like to inform you that we recently opened our first Manila outlet inside SM North Foodcourt—Manong’s Lechon Cebu. Hope you could visit us and have a satisfying gastronomical experience with our mouth-watering Cebu lechon.

    Call us at 7032133 or Smart mobile 0908-3237727 for any questions or orders. Thank you.

  18. Went to Cebu with my friend last July. And very excited kami na kumain ng Lechon Cebu kasi ” The BEST Daw”.
    We asked kung saan kami pwedeng kumain, sabe sa amin sa CNT daw sa malapit sa SM, so after ng tour nag pnta kami sa CNT mga 730 pm na, nung dumating kami, halos wala ng lechos, meron nasa plate cguro mga 3 small plates, very eager kami kumain ng lechon, so nag order na kami kung anong natitira dun.! The taste of the lechon is YUCCKKKYYY talagang kadiri ang lasa, tapos while eating, may dumating na lechon from SM daw, so yung girl, sha ang nag chop, so impress naman kami kasi girl ang nag chop! then nung matapos na sha mag chop ng lechon, may mga natira sa steel na table, shocking ang ginawa ng girl, inipon yung mga talsik talsik na meet gamit ang kamay na may gwantes, then nilagay sa maliit na plate, then pati mga mantika na nakuha sa table nilagay sa plate, then whaalllaaa display na and for sale, means ang kinain namen galing dun sa mga inipon na meat sa pinag tadtaran, Masuka suka ako kadiri. As in kadiri.,

  19. gud pm…just want to know ur latest lechon coz i want to order for the bday of my son this coming june…by the way im from guadalupe also… whats ur best seller ang the price?thankx…pls reply

  20. Cnt lechon is good… but i would prefer CEBU’s AYER LECHON..
    It’s the best tasting lechon I’ve tasted so far..
    Try it.. They are in i2 and Mactan Departure Area..
    267-5540 is there contact number..

  21. One of my favorite Filipino dishes! Lechon of Cebu! Great recipe! Can’t wait to visit Cebu to taste this.

  22. Hi. My wife and I ordered recently from MANONG’S LECHON CEBU (tel. 7032133 or Smart 0920-5445297) and we made our promise to write our blog comment if their lechon is indeed tasty. As in very nice. Try it. Nasa Manila lang rin sila so no need to go to the airport to pick up your order.


    Kailangan i-dial ang AREA CODE. Kung hindi, METRO MANILA NUMBER ang matatawagan niyo.


    Dial the AREA CODE otherwise you will be calling a METRO MANILA NUMBER.

  24. Sarap ng Cnt… Yup pabarito syang pang pasalubong ng mga turista dito… dapat lang maaga ka punta dun kasi mabilis maubos lechon.

  25. we would like to ask if you deliver native lechon from cebu to manila ,how much??what are the requirements???if we order would you deliver the native lechon to our given address…please reply as soon as possible because we would like that the native lechon will be here on may 2,2012

  26. pano po makapagorder ng cnt lechon. at magkano buo.ng lechon ent ako im from manila. may event ako this coming may 25. pls reply asap.tnx

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