The Return Of The Amazing Aloha And Cheesy Bacon Mushroom

Two all-time Jollibee favorites are making a comeback!

I am happy to announce that Jollibee is bringing back the Amazing Aloha and Cheesy Bacon Mushroom burgers!

Cheesy Bacon Mushroom
Cheesy Bacon Mushroom Solo- Php 82.00 / Value meal- Php 108.00

I’ve always loved the Amazing Aloha, so I was a bit dismayed when I found out that it had been removed from the menu. When I had the opportunity to talk to Ms. Arline Adeva, Joliibee PR Manager, a few weeks back, I told her how much I loved the Amazing Aloha and asked if it will ever come back as part of the menu. She told me, with a smile, “let’s just wait and see.” I’ve wondered how long I would have to.

So you can just imagine how overjoyed I was when I learned earlier this evening that they are indeed bringing them back. In my mind I was screaming “My prayers have been answered!”

Along with some friends from the press, I was lucky enough to be one of the first to sample the improved Amazing Aloha and Cheesy Bacon Mushroom burgers.

The Cheesy Bacon Mushroom is made up of soft toasted buns layered with 100% pure beef double patty, strips of bacon, mushrooms, and a slathered with a hefty serving of cream cheese.

Amazing Aloha
Amazing Aloha Solo- Php 82.00 / Value meal- Php 108.00

The Amazing Aloha is unique, and like no other burger you’ll find in the Philippines. I think no other burger chain in the country has a burger like it: a burger made of 100% pure beef double patty, bacon, cheese, lettuce and a thick slice of pineapple, sandwiched by a soft toasted bun.

From being single-patty sandwiches, both burgers now boast of juicy double patties, topped with the great-tasting toppings. I just can’t get over how good they tasted!

I guess it’s true what they say– it’s definitely sweeter… the second time around.

The Amazing Aloha and Cheesy Bacon Mushroom burgers will be available in all Jollibee stores nationwide beginning August 13, 2008.

8 thoughts on “The Return Of The Amazing Aloha And Cheesy Bacon Mushroom”

  1. yipeee i love amazing aloha too! but wont they serve it with one patty lang? two patties might be too much 😛 yehey!!

  2. Hey all! Ryan and I tried the Amazing Aloha two days ago, and it was as good as we remember! You can order it in double or single patty, sandwich only or as a value meal 😀

  3. i love love love amazing aloha! i got so excited (extremely happy!) when i saw their commercial few nights ago 😀

  4. i love amazing aloha too! i was so excited when i heard it’s back. i just think double patty is too much. i love burgers with pineapple! yum!

  5. I miss the cheesy bacon mushroom. I always order that if I want to be satisfied at Jollibee and I was sad when they said it was phased out again 🙁

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