Chowking's Chao Fan (Fried Rice)

chow fan sampler

Good news to all Chao Fan lovers like myself!

Chowking now has four variants of Chow Fan: Spicy, Beef, Pork and Yang Chow. I love all four, but I have to say that the Yang chow– with Chinese chorizo, shrimps, chopped vegetables and fried egg–, and the Beef Chao Fan–packed with a rich, beefy flavor, beef bits and chopped vegetables–are my faves.

chowking's siomai

Do you want even more good news? Even though there’s a rice crisis, they still managed to make it affordable. Chowking Chao Fan goodness starts at PHP 39.00.

chowking's lumpiang shanghai

I’ve always loved Chao Fan. It’s something that I order whenever I eat at Chowking. Already great on it’s own, I often pair it with a plate of sweet and sour pork, or a serving of either siomai or lumpia.

4 thoughts on “Chowking's Chao Fan (Fried Rice)”

  1. hi! ako naman spicy beef and chicken chao fan ang fave ko. at laging may partner yun na siomai.dti nung may merienda set pa, yung siomai ang pinipili ko pra kumpleto agad dahil may ksamang drinks yun. 🙂

  2. my favorite, my absolute favorite is the spicy chao fan. my wife and i always order this with pork and tofu. yummy! the spicier the better.

  3. I always order this whenever I feel like having fried rice and dumplings. I will definitely try to see if I can try this. It is definitely a challenge. Thank you for this post! Kudos!

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