Greenwich Pizza Party with John Lloyd

Greenwich invited members of both traditional and new media to formally launch their new Gourmet Overloaded pizzas a couple of weeks back. Instead of a formal press conference, we were treated to a pizza party with Greenwich endorser, John Lloyd Cruz.

Greenwich Overloaded Pizza Party 03
John Lloyd with the Greenwich team

Greenwich’s Rufino branch was packed with media people, eagerly waiting the pizza and John Lloyed. At 4 pm, the guest of honor was ushered in, and camera flashes filled the room. After the introductions and raffle, the pizzas were brought out: Hickory BBQ Chicken and Grilled Beef Shawarma.

Greenwich Overloaded Pizza Party 01
Greenwich Overloaded Hickory BBQ Chicken Pizza

The Hickory BBQ Chicken Overloaded Pizza was packed with toppings, and in one whiff, and you know the pizza’s bursting with flavor. And it was. The Grilled Beef Shawarma was the winner in my book, though. It was able to capture that shawarma flavor I’ve been hankering for. So much so that I had to resist the urge to roll the pizza slice and it shawarma style XD

Greenwich Overloaded Pizza Party 02
Greenwich Overloaded Grilled Beef Shawarma Pizza

And to further prove that I hardly pay attention, I learned that afternoon that the Greenwich Overloaded pizzas are available in thin and thick crusts (which it turns, Ryan already blogged before). I’m partial to thin crusts, but in Greenwich’s case, I highly recommend going for the thick crust version. I find the thick crust softer than the thin crust, and are actually not that thick. I also found out why their pizzas aren’t as oily as other pizzas: they use olive oil!

Greenwich Pizza

Delivery Hotline: 5-55-55

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  1. how was the shawarma pizza?
    anyhoot, sayang! it’s near our place pala, sana nakapunta ako!
    i’m a *fan* kasi of lloydy. hahahaha

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