Nescafe Iced Coffee

I’m not really much of a coffee drinker, I have to admit. Despite working nights, I’ve actually grown accustomed to staying up all night without needing to drink coffee to keep me awake and functional. However, I like trying new things and when I see something new, I have to try it!

While grocery shopping with my family, I wandered over to the chiller to pick up some cheeses and see what else is available. Nestled with the Yakult and yogurts was these small bottles of Nescafe Iced Coffee.

Nescafe Iced Coffee

Just a tad bigger than the Yakult bottle, the Nescafe Iced Coffee comes in three variants: Original, Sweet & Creamy and Ginseng. Not a fan of ginseng, I picked up a bottle of Original blend, and two bottles of Sweet & Creamy. At Php 10, it’s cheap enough to buy a couple for taste testing. Apparently, it’s a pretty good buy as well. The Sweet and Creamy variant was exactly as it was labled: very creamy and not overly sweet (to me at least). The Original was good too. I was expecting it to be black, but it was already sweetened and had cream, though not as sweet and as creamy as the other variant.

So if you find yourself in need of a caffeine fix, but don’t have the budget for a pricey cup, head on to the nearest covenience store or grocery and pick up a couple of bottles of Nestle Iced Coffee.

9 thoughts on “Nescafe Iced Coffee”

  1. Jannesse, di ko rin siya nakikita pa masyado sa 7-11 or Ministop, sa supermarket lang talaga lagi 🙁

    Estan, onti lang ang linaki niya sa Yakult. Medyo bitin ang isa. Haven’t tried the Starbucks in the bottle. Hmmm, sige, ma-try nga yan next time!

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