A Krispy Kreme-filled evening

Spot.ph invited a some bloggers to have a community meet-up at the Krispy Kreme factory at the Bonifacio High Street in Global City, Taguig. We were welcomed by Spot.ph’s Cathy, Trixie and Karl, who I always bump into during events. Also present was Mark, Krispy Kreme’s Marketing Manager, who told us about the company’s plans for the rest of 2008 and 2009.

It turns out that on the 14th of November, they will be opening their ninth store in the Philippines at the Gateway Mall in Cubao Quezon City. Like all Krispy Kreme openings, the first customer will get a year’s supply of Krispy Kreme donuts. The tenth store will also open later this year, this time at Glorietta Mall in Makati.


Mark also said that they plan to open six more stores in 2009, including stores in the south of Metro Manila. I asked whether the expansion would include opening factories in Cebu and Davao, and he replied that they will look into it. He was surprised when I told him about the Cebu and Davao bloggers asking their friends and relatives who are flying in from Manila to bring them boxes of Krispy Kreme. And it’s not just the bloggers — in all the flights I’ve taken locally, there would always be one passenger carrying a box of Krispy Kreme.

We were also surprised to find out that some of the doughnut variants we have here are unique among the Krispy Kremes in the world. Doughnuts like the Hershey’s and Reese’s doughnuts are actually the initiative of Krispy Kreme Philippines, and because of their efforts, delegates from other Krispy Kreme teams around the world are coming over to Manilato learn about KK Philippine’s marketing secrets. Oh the sweet taste of success!

9 thoughts on “A Krispy Kreme-filled evening”

  1. were you able to try the Reese’s doughnuts? Ok ba? Reese’s candies are one of Mon’s favorites and I was wondering if it went well with KK dough…

  2. funny because here in tokyo, people are still lining up like crazy at the KK stores (we now have 3 i think). it takes about an hour to get a box, so you seriously have to have an addiction to feed to line up that long. 😉

  3. i hope krispy kreme will open a store here in Davao city.:) well my sister and I are planning na mg franchise ng krispy kreme.

  4. so yummy ang krispy k…im from davao…is there a chance you cud open a store here?or at least we can order and we will shoulder the delivery expenses from mla to dvo….Please…saraaap tlaga…never taste doughnut like kk before….

  5. i love krispy kreme! i can even finish a box of it! when will there be krispy kreme stores in cebu? whenever i go to manila, i make it a point to drop by and indulge! i bring three boxes of krispy kreme doughnuts too for my neices back in cebu!

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