Kasbah Moroccan Restaurant

“Are we there yet?” I asked Melo.

We had been walking for 10 minutes since leaving our guesthouse in Boracay’s Station 2, and we have yet to arrive where we’re having dinner that night. Kasbah was Melo’s discovery. While walking the length of Boracay’s fine white sand beach, he stumbled upon this Moroccan restaurant in Station 1. He got to chatting with Evelyn, the restaurant’s operations manager, and before he left, she invited him back to the restaurant if he finds himself in Boracay again. And so three weeks later, Melo was back, with Eric, Gail, Marc and me tagging along to discover Moroccan cuisine.

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One of Kasbah’s many Moroccan Lamps

After plodding through the sand for 20 more minutes, we finally reach Kasbah. We were welcomed by intricate Moroccan lamps and leather poufs that is just waiting to be sat on. The otherwise plain white building was made festive with its Majorelle blue borders and equally blue tables and chairs, its interiors lit by more Moroccan lamps. A couple of shelves groaning under the weight of several ceramic tagines was prominently displayed in the kitchen, and elegant silver teapots line the counter. There was so much of Morocco in such a small space, but it wasn’t too much to make it gaudy.

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Zaalouk, Humus and Mechouia

Evelyn warmly welcomes us, and introduces us to Donna and Martin, the couple who brought this slice of Africa in the island. Morocco fascinates them, and it’s this passion for the country’s food and culture that prompted them to share their love with Boracay’s visitors.

We started off with Fez, an iced tea blend with just a hint of vodka and a sprig of mint. It was a refreshing drink, with just enough kick to perk you up for the spectacular dinner to follow. To give us a hint of what was to come, we were served a platter of freshly made pita bread and a trio of dips: Zaalouk, Humus, Mechouia. I’m not really into humus, but I loved mixing with the zaalouk, which is made with eggplants and the mechouia, which is made with peppers (but it’s not spicy!)

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Juicy Shrimp Kebab

It was quickly followed by kebabs: lamb and shrimp. I took a bite of each, and couldn’t decide which one I liked more. The lamb was tender and flavorful, and the shrimp was juicy with a nice spicy zing. Both kebabs came with a dip that compliments and enhances the meat’s flavor rather than disguise it.

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The highlight of the night: Seafood Saffron Tagine

The highlight of every Moroccan meal is the tagine. Tagine is actually the name of the vessel that is use to cook the meal. It features a shallow dish and a glazed conical lid. This unique cooking pot is the secret to the stew’s rich and intense flavor. We were served three kinds of tagine-cooked stews: chicken, beef and seafood saffron. Each one was a delight to the tastebuds, but it was the seafood saffron that stood out more.

How to serve Moroccan tea
How to serve Moroccan tea

We capped the evening with lively conversation and cups of Moroccan mint tea. I’ve always been a fan of mint teas, but this by far is the best I’ve tried in the country. Like most mint teas, drinking it was an experience in itself, with the unusual mixing of hot and cold temperatures in your mouth. However, unlike the other mint teas, the mint wasn’t overpowering, nor was it too sweet. It was just right.

Kasbah’s location may seem way too out of the way for most tourists in Boracay, and its prices may break the budget, but it was certainly worth the long walk and the money. Would I eat there if my meal isn’t on the house? You bet I will.

Station 1, Balabag
Boracay Malay Aklan
Tel (036) 2884790
Mobile : 0923-3533803
Email : kasbahboracay@gmail.com

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  1. Right, I’m absolutely in love with this blog. Not only does it make me oh so homesick, but I can eat filipino food with my eyes! I am a decent cook, but I’m rubbish at making ph food the way mom does 0_o

  2. Had dinner there in May 2009 after my 10-year-old read about it in Yummy Mag. Loved it!

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