Roti Prata at Juz Suri

One of the best things about Plurk is that I discover places to try. One of these is Juz Suri, a food court concessionaire at the Shopwise Supermarket in Cubao. After doing some business at the PAL office in Alimall, I popped into Shopwise to check out if this stall serving Singaporean dishes is as good as they said in Plurk.

Juz Suri

For Php 60, I get 2 pieces of Roti prata, a flaky pancake-like bread that you dip in curry sauce. The order comes with a sunny side up, and some cucumber and tomato. The roti prata was pretty good, and it was great dipped in the perfectly seasoned vegetarian curry sauce. The egg and the veggies on the otherhand, works well in cleansing the palate.

After this initial visit, I’m looking forward to going back to Cubao to try Juz Suri’s other dishes.

Juz Suri can be found at the Shopwise Supermarket food court in Cubao and at the Riverbanks Marikina food court.

10 thoughts on “Roti Prata at Juz Suri”

  1. Looks tasty! Where it is located, is it inside the Shopwise supermarket or is it one of the stalls before you enter the supermarket?

  2. Hi Crisel, it’s inside the building, but outside the supermarket proper. If you’re coming in from the entrance fronting Araneta Coliseum, turn right, then left at the end of the corridor. You’ll pass the kiddie area, then after that is the food court na 🙂

  3. hi! you really have a great blog, i love your pics. hope you could visit my blog too, i’d love to hear some comments or suggestions. would it be ok to exchange links? hoping to hear from you, thanks! 🙂

  4. hey there! thanks for the visit. you said it, Royce’ chocolates are fantastic. as much as i try to avoid buying some, it’s really irresistible. 🙂

    the Roti prata looks yummy, do they have a branch somewhere in the South?

    btw, thanks for including me in your blog roll. i’ve added you to mine as well. more power to your great blog! 🙂

  5. I talked to the stall person and he said that those rotis are frozen packed and shipped from Singapore. I personally make rotis and they never come out this soft. I was thinking maybe its the wheat flour that they use, which is not available in groceries, we have sifted white flour only. So in effect, the ones I make are similar to those served at Cafe Mediterranean. Do you know how we can make rotis this soft, as soft as the ones at Juz Suri?

  6. Im really really crazy about roti prata. Im about to go back to Singapore because of it. Geez, yummy.

    Thank you for the post though, Im gonna check out Juz Suri and have my roti prata fix =)

  7. after reading this, =( i brought my family to cubao for them to have a taste of what became my favorite when i was in singapore and guess what…heres the new update:

    Juz Suri closed.

    =( sad.

  8. There’s one just across the cash registers in Rustan’s Supermarket in Shangri-la Mall. Rustan’s is beside the food court, at the basement.

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