Lunch @ Dampa, Farmer's Market

It’s graduation time once again. Time to celebrate the students accomplishments and applaud all their hard work. If you are looking for a place to hold your graduation party, why not consider the Dampa at Farmer’s Market?

crabs in oyster sauce

The food is great! From classic Filipino dishes to Japanese food, there’s something that will satisfy everyone’s taste buds.

mixed sushi pack

Dampa is famous for it’s seafood dishes. You can buy fresh seafood, even meat, from the market next door and then, for a very small fee, have it cooked from one of the concessionaires in Dampa. Have it cooked any way you like- steamed, grilled, buttered- it’s all up to you.

garlic and butter sauteed shrimps

Or you can choose from the wide range of dishes the concession stands have to offer. There’s laing, rellenong inihaw na pusit, pork barbecue, etc.

inihaw na pusit (grilled squid)

I’ve been to several dampas, and the Dampa at Farmer’s Market is actually one of the nicest dampas I’ve been to. While it is right next to the market itself, it’s actually very clean, and well ventilated. the market’s smell doesn’t seem to reach the place as well.

dampa @ farmer's market

They’ve got airconditioned function rooms that you can rent. The room can accomodate a small party of 20 upto probably 50. There’s also a videoke machine you can use if you feel like singing. they also serve alcohol. but if you wish to bring your own, Dampa charges a small corkage fee. The same applies to food you bring in like cakes, dessert, and the like.

corkage fees

Farmer’s Market, Araneta Center
Cubao, Quezon City

9 thoughts on “Lunch @ Dampa, Farmer's Market”

  1. The shrimp made my mouth water. Although Dampa is nearest to my office, I still prefer the Palutuan along Macapagal Blvd. especially Aling Tonya’s for my seafood feast. =)

  2. i’ve been to Dampa Farmer’s twice and I just can’t help but agree with your observations, even the people around the place are nice.

    my favorites are the sweet and spicy crab, relyenong pusit, seaweed salad and sinigang na sugpo.

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  4. That looks fabulous! The crabs, the prawns, that grilled stuffed squid…yum..I wish I’m in Manila right now. Thanks for sharing your lovely pictures.

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