Jollibee’s Big Bowl Soups

Full-size comfort comes just in time for the rainy season as Jollibee presents bigger versions of its soothing soup offerings —the La Paz Batchoy Style Soup Big Bowl and the Creamy Macaroni Soup Big Bowl.

jolibee's big bowl soup

For only P54, you can now enjoy a bigger serving of the tasty meat-based broth, sautéed pork, fresh vegetable toppings, egg with crunchy garlic and chicharon bits of the La Paz Batchoy soup, or savor the hearty chicken, macaroni noodles with chunky corn, carrot, ham and chicken bits of the Creamy Macaroni Soup.

Just add P10 and you can get a regular softdrink to better enjoy the taste of home-cooked soup goodness in every order.

With double the serving, each bowl makes a filling snack or a meal in itself. Jollibee’s Big Bowl soups also make a flavorful sabaw complement to your favorite rice-and-viand meals at Jollibee.

So grab and delight as you savor the taste of home cooked soup goodness with your Jollibee Big Bowl soup variants.

2 thoughts on “Jollibee’s Big Bowl Soups”

  1. ohh great it’s a good thing jollibee
    comes out with la paz batchoy in
    big bowls … ! super sarap yan

  2. we haven’t tried this yet, but it looks delicious.
    the best lapaz batchoy i’ve tasted was from roxas city in capiz a couple years ago; it was original.

    good to know that even jollibee doesn’t stop innovating.

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