Selecta Gold Series

Selecta came out with a new line of ice cream a few months ago. Dubbed the “Selecta Gold Series”, this new line adds 3 new flavors to Selecta’s already wide roster.

selecta gold series Selecta Gold Series

Especially crafted for discriminating gourmands, Selecta Gold Series represents Selecta’s most luxurious offering yet: a line of extra creamy premium ice cream designed to provide a truly opulent experience. Made only from the finest ingredients available, the three flavors that compose the line—Chocolate Truffles, Hazelnut Brownie and Berry Strawberry were developed with 3 of the country’s top chefs— Sau del Rosario of Chelsea Market and Cafe’, Rolando Laudico of Chef Laudico Bistro Filipino, and J. Gamboa of Cirkulo, respectively.

Chocolate Truffles Chocolate Truffles

Chocolate Truffles is Chef Laudico’s creation. To ensure a rich texture and mouth feel, Chef Laudico insisted on importing gourmet chocolates from Belgium. The end result is a very rich, luscious, creamy and very chocolate-y ice cream.

Hazelnut Brownie Hazelnut Brownie

Chef Sau Del Rosario wanted to capture the essence of “gianduja”-a treat from Italy that combines cocoa and hazelnut-and translate it into a fun and modern ice cream flavor. The end result is the Hazelnut Brownie ice cream, a mouthwatering mixture of ground hazelnut paste and rich chocolate ice cream laden with moist fudge brownies.

Berry Strawberry Berry Strawberry

Berry Strawberry, on the other hand, finds Chef J., a third generation restaurateur/chef and another Culinary Institute of America graduate, taking a more conventional but no less innovative approach. By combining plump, whole, sun-ripened strawberries with quality French vanilla ice cream, he injects a dose of flair and refinement to freshen up an old favorite.

I’ve had the pleasure of trying all three flavors, and i love all of them. But if push comes to shove, I ‘d have to say, my favorite would be Chef J. Gamboa’s Berry Strawberry. Why? For the simple reason that I love anything with strawberries. Enough said. Go try it for yourself. All three flavors from the Selected Gold series are available at all groceries and supermarkets nationwide.

8 thoughts on “Selecta Gold Series”

  1. my family & i also have tried all those 3 flavors of selecta gold, and i also like berry straweberry better than the other two. i like those huge frozen strawberries amidst the richness of the cream. *yum* 🙂

  2. Great photos. These special flavors are absolutely delicious. Was lucky enough to be in Eastwood when they were handing out (again & again) free samples of all 3 flavors. Now I love my chocolate and I’m not a big fan of strawberries, BUT it’s so hard to choose a favorite flavor. Pleasant surprise, Berry Strawberry just might be it. 🙂

  3. @ Manictastic =)

    @ docgelo- Exactly! finding those huge strawberries in there was such a treat. It’s unlike other strawberry ice creams that have no real strawberries in them, not too mention is just full of artificial flavoring.

    @ entrepgirl – I hope you like it. Let us know once you’ve tried Berry Strawberry. =)

    @ Fine Life Folk- It is. It’s actually one of the better strawberry ice creams I’ve tried.

    @ Leslie- A pleaseant surprise indeed! =) Thank you for the praises you gave for the photos. They are indeed great. I wish I could say I took all of them, but the truth is, most of these photos came from Selecta. The only one i took is the very first photo. =)

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