Izakaya-style Dining At Tokyo Tokyo Metro

Tokyo Tokyo has brought a new concept to fast casual dining. Patterned after the izakaya–a kind of Japanese bar or restaurant popular in Japan for after-work drinking and eating, where office workers go to unwind– these establishments offer a wide range of food from snacks to bento meals, as well as serving sake and other alcoholic beverages. With it’s innovative take on this aspect of Japanese culture, the people behind one of the most recognized Japanese fast food chain opened Tokyo Tokyo Metro.


The menu highlights some basic izakaya fare such as yakitori. Other items in the menu are ramen,several selections of donburri ( rice toppings), salads, and even the basic sushi.

buta kakuni bento setto
Buta Kakuni Bento

Also on the menu are 8 bento sets. These are buta kukuni (braised pork), prawn tempura, teriyaki tori, teriyaki gyu-niku and misono gyu-niku, tonkatsu, haanbagu and my favorite: teriyaki shake, which is salmon teriyaki. Prices range between Php 229.00 to Php 259.00 per bento set. All bento sets come with soup, salad, drink, 2 pieces of sushi, and dessert.

teriyaki shake donburi
Teriyaki Shake

And if you feel like downing that bento with some alcohol, you may choose from several beer choices and sake . Of course, they still have non-alcoholic beverages like iced tea, juice, and sodas.

tsukune donburi
Tskune Donburi

The first branch they opened is in Makati, in the new wing of Glorietta. But those living in the northern part of the metro need not worry, because they have recently opened a branch at the newly renovated SM City Annex in North Edsa.

If you haven’t yet, go on and give it a try. I hope you all enjoy dining at Tokyo Tokyo metro as much as I did.

Tokyo Tokyo Metro
Ground floor, Glorietrta 5
Valero Street, Makati City

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  1. These dishes sound interesting, though the P229 price sounds a bit steep for everyday lunch. But will definitely try this. 😀

  2. taste is same with orig Tokyo Tokyo. but more expensive! 3x. the coffee flavored dessert in Bento boxes tastes so so. ur just basically paying for upscale ambiance. no need to rush to this Metro.

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