Argentina Canned Cuisine Chef's Series

I can’t talk enough about the versatility of corned beef! This canned food can be used in a multitude of dishes. I’ve used it in soups, pastas, sandwiches,… it just goes on! Check out how I used it in this dish. While I do prefer a particular foreign brand because of it’s texture, I do find that local brand Argentina’s Gold Label Corned Beef is just as good.

Argentina Cheese and Mushroom Penne
Argentina Cheese and Mushroom Penne

Argentina recently held a demo on how corned beef can be an inspiration to create new dishes called “Canned Cuisine Chef’s Series”.

Showcasing the versatility of corned beef were chef Eugene Raymundo of Five Cows Ice Cream Bar and Restaurant; Chef Raul De Leoz Jr. of the UST Institute of Tourism and Hospitality Management; and Chef Mia Carla Yan from the Heny Sison Culinary School and Magsaysay Institute of Hospitality and Culinary Arts. Each chef presented theri own recipes of an everyday meal and a “Weekend Couture Cuisine” dish with Argentina Corned Beef as the main ingredient.

Flamenco Maki
Flamenco Maki

Chef Eugene found inspiration in the urban lifestyle of a young professional in his Japanese and Argentinian themed Flamenco Maki. Argentina Cheese and Mushroom Penne, his everyday recipe, reinvented pasta to suit the Filipino taste.

Using comfort food as inspiration, Chef Mia presented to the audience her Corned Beef Fritata and Shepherd’s Pie.

Rosti and Apple Stack Corned Beef with Apple Vinaigrette Dressing
Rosti and Apple Stack Corned Beef with Apple Vinaigrette Dressing

For his everyday meal item, Chef Raul- or Sam, as he is known to many-prepared a typical breakfast fare- an omelet he called Farmer’s Lattice Omelet Corned Beef Wasabe. The Rosti and Apple Stack Corned Beef with Apple Vinaigrette Dressing was his “couture” dish, the taste of which reminded me of a fresh apple salad.

During their presentation, each chef shared their recipes and techniques that went into preparing their dishes. I’ll be posting the recipes for these dishes on being.ryan soon, so do watch out for those. I hope they’ll inspire you to go and whip up your own corned beef masterpieces!

argentina corned beef

Note: Argentina Corned Beef now comes fortified with zinc and iron. Expanding it’s product line-up, Argentina has added a Light Corned Beef which has reduced sodium and 50% less fat than the regular variant. There are also different meat loaf variants as well as canned sisig.

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