New Additions to Max's Specials

Having successfully continued in bringing exciting new flavors to the table and infusing all-time favorite dishes by creating new special masterpieces, Max’s presents four new succulent specials that are reminiscent of old style home cooking, infused with today’s modern tastes, that is sure to bring generations of families together. Dig in and take a healthy dose of indulgence in the sumptuous cuisine that Max’s has prepared; proving once more that the satisfaction of a fine casual dining experience and craving premium tastes need not be expensive with Max’s Specials.


Garnering its influences from both the northern and southern part of the country, Max’s braves to serve what can be called our national dish, the Adobo. Cooked crispy and made crunchy, The Pork Adobo is paired with a fresh Ensaladang Kangkong–a perfect compliment to this well-loved Filipino dish.


If you’re craving for something light, the Max’s Crispy Tilapia with Choice of Tomato or Labanos Salsa is the dish for you. A crunchy, lightly breaded, and deboned tilapia fillet is fried to a golden perfection and paired with a choice between a sweet and a tad spicy tomato salsa; or a sweet and sour labanos vinaigrette concoction that will leave customers’ mouth watering.


Rich and very tender, Max’s Grilled Baby Back Ribs is a Western inspired dish, but given a Filipino twist with its pineapple and tomato salsa. This tempers well with the the special, rich barbecue sauce of Max’s. It comes in orders of half or full.And if your palette is one for premium grade tastes that will not empty your wallets, feast on some prime ribs that will give you value for your money and the satisfaction of special dining with Max’s Grilled Baby Back Ribs that comes in half or full orders.


Rounding out this new set Max’s Specials is the Paella Sinangag with its colorfully flavored rice mixed with various meat, seafood and vegetables. Reminiscent of its Spanish roots with its various tastes that are best for acquired tongues, it is introduced without its sticky composition but is complete with the flavors of your usual paella.

Create dining experiences that you will crave forever with the Max’s Specials, made especially for you by Max’s.

Dine at any of their branches near you or call 7-9000 for deliveries within Metro Manila area or visit for more information.