What's in your shabu shabu?

Two great ingredients have joined Healthy Shabu Shabu’s menu: the Wagyu beef and the King Crab.

King Crab or Wagyu?

Wagyu beef, touted as the highest quality meat in the world, takes center stage while enhancing the flavor, texture and tenderness of Shabu Shabu. Healthy Shabu Shabu serves grade 8 Wagyu, which is nothing less of the beef standard. Wagyu beef, with its unique marbling characteristic, contributes to the dish’s unmatched juiciness and taste—sealing the sweet, subtle savor that lingers on every foodie’s palate.

Chiefly found in cold waters, the King Crab is reddish-brown crab variety much-sought all over the world because of the difficulty one has to undergo in catching the crustacean. During crab fishing season, squads are even stationed to rescue fishermen who attempt to battle the rough seas and humongous pincers just to bring home the King– thus, making it an extremely-prized seafood cuisine.

Kain Pinoy is giving you a chance to try out these two new additions just by answering one simple question: What do you want in your shabu shabu? Is it the Wagyu beef or the King Crab?

The best answers will win a one-thousand peso gift certificate from Healthy Shabu Shabu.

Contest Mechanics:

  1. The contest is open to Metro Manila residents only.
  2. To join the contest, simply answer the question by posting a comment in this post.
  3. Contest duration is between November 23 to November 29, 2009.
  4. Winners will be announced in this blog by November 30, and will also be notified through e-mail.

23 thoughts on “What's in your shabu shabu?”

  1. I never had shabu shabu in my life but if if I get to try it I’d choose King Crab. Aside from the fact that I love seafoods, I’m also not much of a beef eater. 🙂

  2. wagyu for me seems so irresistible … the way you describe its taste and flavor makes me crave and feels like eating it right now at this moment ! I could imagine myself in state of satisfaction and happiness as its tenderness and sweet subtle savor goes to my tastebuds down to my tummy ! taste like heaven >wink<

  3. I can’t choose between these two ultimate choices. one is never less than the other so I WANT THEM BOTH! give me wagyu and king crab!!! 😀

  4. I’ll go with the Wagyu, because I’ll take my son along and he’s allergic to crabs.

    He used to be a really skinny kid with no appetite but lately he has become a voracious eater. He has filled out some due to this, so this time when I take him to Healthy Shabu-Shabu I know it’ll be very much worth it since he’ll come equipped with his newfound appreciation for different foods.

  5. King Crab for me because we rarely have seafood. Neither my wife nor I cook so we stick mostly to quick meals or just order for delivery. I like the idea of shabu-shabu because I’m thinking the food will be all natural and healthy — couldn’t be more perfect with fresh seafood like King Crab.

  6. honestly, I never experience the shabu shabu though I usually watch it in Korean drama and really dream of having one someday…
    If given a chance I prefer the KIng crab on my shabu shabu for it looks so delicious and really good for the health.

  7. whoa i want the extremely-prized seafood cuisine = King Crab!!!! It is an absolutely pride to taste this food knowing how the fishermen has to win the battle just to deliver this precious to our table.

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