Everyday is Christmas at Jollibee

table setting

As a kid, it is easy to think that Christmas is about presents, aguinaldo and noche buena. But as people get older, these perceptions are trimmed down to one important thing: having the entire family together for one day. People adjust their schedules, making sure that they have freed Christmas Day of any other commitments. And it doesn’t matter much if there are gifts or not, because the mere presence of loved ones is enough to make the holiday celebration complete. After all, it’s the true spirit of having a merry Christmas—above anything else—and it’s a good thing that Jollibee provides a venue for this kind of togetherness.

This season, Jollibee, the country’s most loved food chain, brings everyone together in joyful merrymaking. The all-time Filipino favorite lets friends and loved ones celebrate Christmas everyday by serving a feast like no other. Sharing stories, memories and affordable langhap-sarap meals under one roof, families and friends need not wait until December 25. Everyone can have an early Christmas because with Jollibee, any day can be Christmas day.

Whether it’s the entire clan or the whole barkada that will be celebrating Christmas together, Jollibee carries the crispylicious and juicyliscious Chickenjoy, the meatiest and tastiest Jollibee Spaghetti, the langhap-sarap Yum Burger and all the other Jollibee favorites to cater to everyone’s cravings. It’s the place that is closest to home; after all, it’s where every Filipino practically grew up. So celebrating this season at Jollibee is just like enjoying meals at one’s own dinner table.

chicken joy

With the kids enjoying play time and the kids-at-heart having a good time with each other’s company, Jollibee truly makes every visit seem like a holiday celebration. Every table can serve a jolly get-together because of its first-rate yet easy-on-the-pocket menu, creating a warm and family-friendly atmosphere for everyone to enjoy.

The spirit of togetherness, combined with a reasonably-priced dining experience at Jollibee might be all it takes to make anyone extra happy this Christmas. It is in life’s simple things that people often see the beauty of bonding with loved ones. What better time than now to spend a simple yet fulfilling Yuletide season at Jollibee? In the end, Jollibee will always the best place to bee happy!