Selecta Gold Series Vanilla Almond

Selecta has come up with another flavor for it’s Gold Series– Vanilla Almond. In line with their previous Gold Series flavors, Vanilla Almond was also developed with a renowned chef. Chefs Sau Del Rosario, Rolando Laudico and J. Gamboa each helped develop the first 3 flavors. This time, Selecta tapped the culinary genius of Chef Ariel Manuel of Lolo Dad’s to come up with this new, decadent offering.

vanilla almond
The new Selecta Gold Series flavor Vanilla Almond is a very rich and creamy blend of vanilla ice cream, caramel fudge and almonds.

Vanilla is one of my least favorite flavors, because often times it’s too sweet and very “milky” for my taste, but I definitely liked this one.The vanilla ice cream doesn’t taste very “milky” as other brands do, and is very smooth and velvety. And the base itself isn’t very sweet either– the sweetness you get from the caramel fudge swirling and weaving it’s golden goodness around and through the ice cream. The roasted almonds lend a smokey flavor, complimenting the sweetness of the caramel fudge and richness of the vanilla ice cream– rounding up the wonderful flavors of this very rich frozen delight.

Vanilla Almond joins Selecta’s Gold Series line up along with Berry Strawberry, Chocolate Truffles, and Hazelnut Brownie. Available in pints and tubs in groceries and supermarkets.

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