Another Fresh Idea at Bistro Ravioli

italian sausage ravioli in romesco sauce

The minds behind the innovative food court favorite have opened Bistro Ravioli in SM Mall of Asia, a restaurant that offers the same fresh pasta that has made Ravioli a hit. Prices differ slightly from Ravioli; it is a full service restaurant after all and not the food court. The menu comprises of appetizers; the raviolis and other pasta; pizza; drinks, and desserts.

grilled foccacia with spinach dip

To start off, we ordered the Grilled Focaccia with Spinach dip and Grilled Focaccia with salsa. Both plates of appetizers have slices of buttered and herbed focaccia lightly grilled. The salsa dip is your typical salsa, but the Spinach dip is truly something else. Creamy spinach topped with a creamy layer of melted cheese. Absolutely delicious!

grilled foccacia with salsa

For our next courses we decided to try 1 noodle dish and 2 ravioli dishes. I’ve been jonesing for a creamy tomato sauce dish so we ordered Italian Sausage Ravioli; we also ordered the Salmon Ravioli in Saffron Cream Sauce and Garlic Seafood spaghetti. I love the salmon ravioli’s sauce, and I found that the salmon filling has a nice smokey flavor to it.

salmon ravioli in saffron cream sauce

The Garlic Seafood spaghetti is a mildly spicy pasta dish that definitely tastes garlicky and seafood-y. But the star among the 3 has to be the Italian Sausage Ravioli. This I highly recommend that you try. The Italian sausage goes so well with the rich and creamy tomato sauce.

garlic seafood spaghetti

Aside from fresh pasta, they also offer thin crust pizzas baked in a bricked oven, giving it a very subtle earthy flavor that only a brick oven can give. We ordered the Italian Sausage and Bacon Pizza. I recommend wiping the ravioli sauce off of your plate with the pizza. It’s an excellent flavor combination!

italian sausage and bacon pizza

panna cotta

What meal would be complete without dessert? Bistro Ravioli only has 2 sweet confections in their menu, and we decided to try both. The Panna Cotta has a very smooth and velvety texture; is not too sweet and is the perfect backdrop for the sweet and tangy flavors of the fruit toppings. The Tiramisu is a lightly sweet and creamy dessert that has a faint taste of liquor which would go so well with a nice cup of coffee.


And dining here won’t break the bank as the food is quite affordable. An order of ravioli is Php 190.00 while a pizza is around Php 325.00. The Garlic Seafood Spaghetti comes in 2 sizes: Solo which is Php 165.00; and Family which is Php 320.00. Appetizers are Php 125.00 an order and is good for 2-3 people.

As fresh pastas go, Bistro Ravioli is truly one of a kind. Good food, good ambiance, and good service. That’s the Bistro Ravioli experience.

Bistro Ravioli
2nd Floor, South Wing Main Mall,
SM Mall of Asia, Pasay city

Contact no: (02)8040577

15 thoughts on “Another Fresh Idea at Bistro Ravioli”

  1. i beg to disagree.

    this is probably one of the worst restos in moa.
    or probably we came at the wrong time because ate there 2 weeks after they opened.

    i didn’t find anything special about their buffalo wings which was just teeny wings in thai chili sauce. we ordered the pasta with pesto nothing special about it either. it was bland. the ravioli was nothing special either.

    i’m sorry to say this but sbarro tastes better than this place. the prices are all right but the food is a big downer.

  2. I totally disagree with you christian… we ate in ravioli last monday. & were truly amazed with the taste. esp. the pizza fritta. we are looking forward to eat again in that resto…. the prices are very affordable. i really recommend this..

  3. This place blew me off. I went there cause there were few people and I wanted some place relaxing. I just ordered pasta for the sake of ordering something. But it blew me off. Every bite was tasteful. The sauce is something different. I will definitely come back here. No other resto has had this effect on my palate. To be surprised when you werent expecting anything

  4. hi. there’s a branch at Glorietta. In front of Kenny Rogers at the 2nd Floor.
    Foods are great, affordable and something to look forward to in every visit. You must try Bistro Ravioli guys! I also love the Red Ice Tea. ♥

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