Leveled-Up Pizzas and New Lunch Plates At Greenwich

ultimate hawaiian thin crust

Greenwich is my go to place if I want to have a quick pizza and pasta fix. There’s a branch near where I live so it is quite convenient. Among all the flavors available, the flavor that I usually order is Hawaiian, because I love pineapple on my pizza. So it was such a treat to learn that Greenwich has “leveled-up” their Hawaiian pizzas into the Ultimate Hawaiian Overload! Greenwich gives us an upgraded taste of our favorite Hawaiian pizza by loading it with 2x more Hawaiian toppings – premium ham, glazed pineapple, smoked bacon and 100% Mozzarella and Cheddar cheese.

Thick n' Tender Chops

I’ve also found a new favorite in Greenwich’s menu. They’ve recently introduced the The Greenwich American Lunch Specials– plated meals that are less then Php 200.00. There’s the Thick N’ Tender Chops for P179; and the Greenwich Quarter Slab Ribs for P199. Both are served with java rice, mixed veggies and regular drink.

Quarter Slab Ribs

I’ve only tried the ribs so far, but I’m sure the pork chops are just as good. The ribs are good!

What I love about it is that there’s a lot of meat on the ribs. How many times have I had ribs that are actually just that–ribs with almost no meat on them? A lot. Aside from that, it’s tender and tastes good– a bit sweet and tangy, just the way I like my ribs. And for that price? Well worth it.

ultimate hawaiian thick crust

I know everyone is staying off, or trying to stay off meat because it’s lent, but after the season is over and you feel like indulging, why not try the Greenwich American Lunch Specials? It’s fast, inexpensive and delicious! And order an Ultimate Hawaiian Overload pizza while you’re at it. You are in Greenwich, after all.