A Father’s Day Treat for the Man of the House at Melo’s

Steak ala Dad @Melo's

Steak ala Dad

It’s been an old-age saying that the way to any man’s heart is through his stomach.

Being the number one man in our lives, our dads are about to celebrate their special day come June 20. And what better way to melt our dad’s hearts than to give him a gastronomical experience he will never forget.

Known to be the first restaurant to serve certified Angus Beef in the Philippines, Melo’s Steakhouse never fails to satisfy their guests with their mouth-melting, succulent and tastiest steaks. Now also known to serve authentic Wagyu steaks, it’s no wonder more and more steak enthusiasts come to Melo’s.

With Fathers’ Day coming up, families are sure to dine out and Melo’s is more than prepared for this once-a-year celebration. Melo’s came up with their own Fathers’ Day Special which is certified to make the man of the house melt. Steak ala Dad is the latest creation Melo’s cooked up to commemorate all the dads for their hard work, dedication and love for their families.

Featuring Melo’s signature Wagyu Tenderloin seasoned with Al Funghi Porcini Sauce, Steak Ala Dad may just be the best Fathers’ Day meal dad will ever have. They’re in for the real treat once dads find out that they can personalize their own steaks.

Dining at Melo’s this Fathers’ Day is sure to be a rewarding experience for any dads out there. Always aiming for personalized service and impeccable food, Melo’s guarantees an unforgettable dining.

Going out for a family lunch or dinner is a good way to celebrate Fathers’ Day. Making it extra special is even better. So if you want to express just how grateful you are to your dad without speaking, show it through a hearty, meaty meal. Make your way to Melo’s and let Steak Ala Dad be the best Father’s Day gift he could ever receive.

(Steak ala Dad photo provided by Melo’s. Watch this space to read about my Melo’s gastronomic experience.)

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