Claw Daddy

Claw Daddy is a restaurant that specializes in dishes with crabs. But aside from crabs, they also have some meat dishes like BBQs and other seafood fare, a lot of which have that Creole flavor. It was one cool evening when my family and I, along with my aunt, went to have dinner at their Bonifacio High Street branch.


For starters, we were served some delicious sweet corn as we were looking over the menu. We then ordered a plate of the Creole Crispy Shrimp for our appetizer. These are fried baby shrimps seasoned with a Creole rub, served with cocktail sauce and malt vinegar. This was so good. True to it’s name it was crispy, and the Creole rub gave the shrimps a wonderful flavor that was complemented by the dipping sauces.


Creole Crispy Shrimps PHP 338.00

We wanted some meat, and their selection looks really yummy. We went with the BBQ Caboodle King Paddle size. This is a BBQ set that includes a full slab of baby back ribs, hickory BBQ chicken quarter, bountiful beef ribs, and Texas links. The meat was very tender and flavorful. Everything was coated in a sweet and tangy barbecue sauce.

barbecued ribs

BBQ Caboodle King Paddle PHP998.00

The set also includes 3 side dishes. The choices include: bourbon peaches, honey corn bread, dirty rice, rustic, mashed potatoes, mashed sweet potatoes, corn on a cob, crinkle cut fries, coleslaw, broccoli and cheese, and baked potato. We chose the coleslaw, rustic mashed potatoes and honey corn bread.

side dishes

The coleslaw is a bit sour, not like the coleslaw that we are used to. The rustic mashed potatoes are seasoned with just salt and pepper, and mashed with the skin still on. A great balance to these two was the sweetness of the honey corn bread.

szechuan crab

Szechuan Crab

Dining at Claw Daddy wouldn’t be complete without sampling their crabs. The crabs on the menu are priced by weight. For a 600gm-700gm crab it’s PHP 100.00/100 gms. An 800gm- 1 kg crab is PHP 135.00/100 gms.; and the ones that are above 1.1 kilos are PHP 145.00/100 gms. The crabs we got were  800 gms each.

We ordered 2 crab dishes that evening: Crab Maritess and Szechuan Crab. The Szechuan Crab is a dish that has a sweet and mildly spicy szechuan sauce. The leeks give it that extra light kick. I love pouring the sauce on hot steaming white rice.

crabs maritess

Crab Maritess

Something new for me was the Crab Maritess. I love how this tasted! It’s sauteed in olive oil, white onions, chilies and garlic. Lots of garlic. Despite the garlicky aroma, which i really love, it has a very clean, light flavor. The garlic doesn’t overpower the flavor of the crab at all.

fresh watermelon shake

Fresh Watermelon Shake

To wash it all down, we had some really good watermelon shake. I like that it wasn’t too sweet, and that they used fresh watermelon. It was on the house. We found out that the restaurant is a partner establishment of Smart Rewards, and my aunt, being a Smart subscriber decided to use her points and rewards. So we got a pitcher of free watermelon shake to go with our dinner! We enjoyed dining more because of the great discounts, freebies and points that we got by using my aunt’s Smart Rewards.

A delicious meal was had by all. Everything was satisfying. The food was great, and the service was excellent! I’d definitely keep coming back.

Claw Daddy
Bonifacio High Street, Taguig City
Tel. No. (02) 836-4785/ 856-4326

6th Level, EDSA Shangri-la Plaza,
EDSA corner Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City
Tel. No. (02) 636-5679/ 637-4528

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