We have our winners!

You cast your votes and now we have our winners! Three winners will be receiving a Php 1,000 gift certificate for Healthy Shabu-Shabu.

And our winners are…

AJ, of baklaako.com for this funny line:

Wagyu na tanong, dahil ang sagot me is King Crab. lol. So King Crab, wag yu magreklamo. wahehehe

Peter, who doesn’t cook. I hope you and your wife enjoy cooking the shabu-shabu way 😀

Last, we have the mysterious A, whose name popped up first in the list randomizer.

Thanks to all who entered, and congrats to the winners! I’ll be e-mailing you about your prices 🙂

What's in your shabu shabu?

Two great ingredients have joined Healthy Shabu Shabu’s menu: the Wagyu beef and the King Crab.

King Crab or Wagyu?

Wagyu beef, touted as the highest quality meat in the world, takes center stage while enhancing the flavor, texture and tenderness of Shabu Shabu. Healthy Shabu Shabu serves grade 8 Wagyu, which is nothing less of the beef standard. Wagyu beef, with its unique marbling characteristic, contributes to the dish’s unmatched juiciness and taste—sealing the sweet, subtle savor that lingers on every foodie’s palate.

Chiefly found in cold waters, the King Crab is reddish-brown crab variety much-sought all over the world because of the difficulty one has to undergo in catching the crustacean. During crab fishing season, squads are even stationed to rescue fishermen who attempt to battle the rough seas and humongous pincers just to bring home the King– thus, making it an extremely-prized seafood cuisine.

Kain Pinoy is giving you a chance to try out these two new additions just by answering one simple question: What do you want in your shabu shabu? Is it the Wagyu beef or the King Crab?

The best answers will win a one-thousand peso gift certificate from Healthy Shabu Shabu.

Contest Mechanics:

  1. The contest is open to Metro Manila residents only.
  2. To join the contest, simply answer the question by posting a comment in this post.
  3. Contest duration is between November 23 to November 29, 2009.
  4. Winners will be announced in this blog by November 30, and will also be notified through e-mail.

Toblerone's National Thank You Day

“Thank you”. I know we don’t say it enough, but these two words sometimes is all it takes to make somebody’s day. Be it the security guard who opens the door for you; the waiter who serves your lunch; the brother who helps you with your homework; the mother who loves you unconditionally; even your yaya who takes care of everything for you. These people who we interact with on a daily basis, most often than not, do not receive the gratitude that is due them–we often take for granted what they do for us. I guess everyone is guilty of that.

It’s time to change all that. Bring a smile to someone today by serving some gratitude in return. A simple, but heartfelt, “thank you” is all it takes.

To start this off, let me say a big thank you to all of you, our readers, for your continuous patronage of Kainpinoy.com. It’s been year since we first went online, and we probably wouldn’t have made the one year mark if it weren’t for all of you. Thank you so much!

Having said that, I now throw it to you, so to speak. How would you express your gratitude? Tell us. better yet… show us with a photograph. Toblerone is hosting a photo contest titled “Spread the Sweetness of Gratitude”, in conjunction with it’s “National Thank You Day 2009” campaign.

Here’s how to join:

1. With a photograph, come up with and express creative ways to spread the gratitude fever by getting people to say ‘thank you’.

2. Post your entry on your site (blog, Multiply, Friendster, Facebook, etc.) and link these to the gallery found in www.thankyoudayphilippines.com.

3. Link your photo entries to this post by leaving a comment below with your entry’s URL.

4. This contest is open to anyone of legal age, but limited to those residing only in the Greater Manila Area. Go to here for the complete contest mechanics.

We will select 5 entries as Kainpinoy’s finalists. Winners from the photo contest will receive special gift packs from Toblerone.

What are you waiting for? Start spreading the gift of gratitude now.! Contest runs from September 7 to October 16, 2009. Deadline for submission of entries is at 5 pm on October 16th.

Join Toblerone as they celebrate the National Thank You Day Awards on October 20, 2009 at the SM Mall of Asia Music Hall and see the unveiling of one notable Filipino personality from whom a grateful nation will choose to say a resounding ‘thank you’ to. For more information, visit www.thankyoudayphilippines.com.

Win a box of a dozen donuts from Krispy Kreme!

Krispy Kreme celebrates Father’s day with its latest limited offering, the Classic Peanut Butter & Stripes doughnut. This yummy treat is made with peanut butter kreme and the classic Reese’s Peanut Butter that definitely adds “dad-pleasing” factor to this decadent doughnut. Topped with graham cracker crunch and striped with caramel or chocolate, no kid, or dad, for that matter, can resist. Krispy Kreme’s Father’s Day sweet offering goes best with Krispy Kreme Signature Coffee and is available in all stores nationwide.


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Do you love your Mother?

I’m not one for fads, but one fad that I do like is the switch from plastic bags to reusable bags (which I’m hoping wouldn’t just be a fad). Before, there was just Envirosax. Then retail stores followed, offering their own branded reusable bags in lieu of plastic, often for a fee. These bags are cute, but sometimes come with a price tag that raises the eyebrows.

I ♥ My Mother

Mother Earth Bags is an advocacy project of four friends Nena, Joey, Kat & Angela, who believes in saving the planet one bag at a time. It may be hard to make a dent on the trillion plastic bags used every year, but saving hundreds a year per person is still something, right? Besides, how can you resist these cute bags?

The bags come in printed canvas (Php 95) and flour sacks, both plain (Php 35) and embellished (Php 65).

Now on to the good part! I just got my Mother Earth Bags, and I’m absolutely impressed. The craftsmanship on each is superb! The bags are made at The Livelihood Shop, a program that employs underprivileged women of Taguig. Not only are you helping the environment when you use the bags, you’re also providing these women with livelihood when you buy.

Mother Earth Bags

Mother Earth Bags are available on a per order basis, through their Multiply site. Or, you can win a couple of bags for yourself from Kainpinoy.com! To join, simply tell us which one of these phrases describes you perfectly:

  1. I’m a mama’s girl.
  2. I’m a mama’s boy
  3. I’m one hot mama.
  4. I honor my mother.
  5. I’m bringing this to my mama.
  6. My mother loves the Village People, Gunther and Hard Gay.

Post your answers in the comment box, and be sure to leave a valid e-mail address! This contest is open to all Kainpinoy.com readers, both in the Philippines and overseas. Contest closes on October 31st, and the winner will be drawn and announced on the 1st of November. I’m running a similar contest over at my travel blog, and yes, they’re independent of each other. You can join both contests to increase your chances of winning 😀