Max’s Lenten Offerings and Php299 Chicken Take-out Promo

Max’s Restaurant recently rolled out it’s Lenten offerings, infusing classic Filipino flavors into its new and lighter fare. These are Adobong Kangkong Stuffed Tofu; Cauliflower Puffs and Sizzling Seafood in Honey Bagoong Sauce.

Max's Adobong Kangkong Stuffed Tofucopy

Adobong Kangkong Stuffed Tofu

Max’s Adobong Kangkong Stuffed Tofu is an inventive twist to the quintessential adobo. Fresh kangkong leaves, shiitake and button mushrooms drizzled in sweet adobo sauce stuffed in deep-fried tofu blocks. The Cauliflower Puffs are crunchy puffs of crisp cauliflower bits dipped in a special batter, deep-fried and tossed in a special sauce. Continue reading “Max’s Lenten Offerings and Php299 Chicken Take-out Promo”

OMG It’s Chicken-All-You-Can Once Again!!

Max's Photo

Yes you read that right. It’s Chicken-All-You-Can once again at Max’s! For only Php 199.00, we can once again experience eating all the Max’s fried chicken that our stomachs hearts desire. This already includes a glass of any Pepsi softdrink that can be upgraded to bottomless drink for only PhP28.

chicken all you canI had six.

As an added treat to its customers, Max’s is also giving away free PhP 20 money coupons for every PhP200 spent during the Chicken-All-You-Can promotion. A maximum of three accumulated coupons per transaction may be used to “purchase” any Max’s products within a year after issuance.

The promo started last June 10, and will run until July 10, 2011. Chicken-All-You-Can is available between 6:00 to 10:00 P.M. So what are you waiting for? Attack na!

Heirloom Recipes at Max’s

Max’s, the homegrown brand that has recently created public hype with the biggest Chicken-All-You can promotion ever, is back with a hefty plate of new dishes to serve. I got to sample these new dishes during their blogger’s night where I also got to eat all the chicken that I wanted. These two new offerings–Max’s Pork Binagoongan and Chicken Caldereta–are original recipes of Nanay Ruby, the restaurant’s first cook who developed the secret recipe for Max’s sarap-to-the-bones chicken.

Max's Pork Binagoongan

Max’s Pork Binagoongan Php 275.00

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Tinolang Manok

tinolang manok

I think it was 2 years ago when I first saw Travis Kraft’s video tutorial on Youtube on how to cook Adobong Manok. While I may have laughed at his attempts at speaking a heavily American-accented Tagalog, it has inspired me to write post about Filipino dishes that I love. For my first recipe post here, I am posting the recipe for my version of Tinolang Manok.

Tinolang Manok is one dish which is best eaten hot, on a cold and rainy day., and served with a dipping sauce of calamansi juice, patis (fish sauce) and sili.
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Tita Lynn's Flavored Suman

I love suman, particularly suman sa ibos— the light yellow ones that come in bunches. Now I usually get my suman fix from the market. But, that means having to wake up early because they only sell it in the morning. So what do I do when I crave suman in the middle of the day? I head to Tita Lynn’s.

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Paul Calvin's Deli

In these times of heart disease and unhealthy lifestyles, more and more people are starting to embrace and get into a healthful lifestyle.

at paul calvin's deli

There’s a little place called Paul Calvin’s Deli at the Fort Bonifacio Global City that serves good and healthful food, and they have been catering to the appetites of the neighboring offices for months now. I had the pleasure of having dinner there upon an invitation of a friend of mine, and I was pleasantly surprised with the variety of dishes available. Eating healthful here does not mean eating bland and unexciting food.
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Jollibee’s Big Bowl Soups

Full-size comfort comes just in time for the rainy season as Jollibee presents bigger versions of its soothing soup offerings —the La Paz Batchoy Style Soup Big Bowl and the Creamy Macaroni Soup Big Bowl.

jolibee's big bowl soup
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Fresh Favorites At Max's

Max’s enlightens customers through their sense of taste by offering new, delicious, vibrant and freshly prepared dishes in addition to its all time favorite “Sarap-to-the-Bones” fried chicken. Over the years, Max’s only uses the freshest and highest quality ingredients and has been continuously developing more appetizing, palatial but affordable cuisine.

gambas in aliguesauce Gambas in Aligue Sauce

The best innovative finds at Max’s Restaurant are the four dish combinations derived from ordinary homegrown non-meaty recipes evident in every Filipino dining table. The mongo and tinapa being both a common Filipino household viand gives a twist to a new dining experience with Max’s Mongo with Crisp Tinapa Dumplings topped with fresh sliced tomatoes.

monggo wtih crispy tinapa dumplings Monggo with Crispy Tinapa Dumplings

The Pinaputok na Tiyan ng Bangus rooted from the country’s national fish symbol is a fresh bangus belly grilled in banana leaves. Opening the fish will truly burst surprises into you with its stuffed chopped tomatoes, onions, garlic and garnished with fresh tomato salsa.

pinaputok na tiyan na bangus Pinaputok na Tiyan ng Bangus

The Camaron Rebosado, is a succulent crispy shrimp finely cooked with mixture of fresh ingredients and dipped in sweet and sour sauce.

camaron Camaron Rebusado

Tofu, an adaptable food that is usually fried, baked, mashed, marinated, barbecued, and frozen is enhanced into a scalding plate of Sizzling Tofu glazed with a special sauce and topped with chilis that will satisfy true food connoisseurs.

sizzling tofu Sizzling Tofu

Max’s continues to provide exciting dining experiences to the Filipino food enthusiasts with its aperitive and newly innovated main dishes and appetizers – Crisp Tinapa Dumplings and Gambas in Aligue Sauce, a dish where you can savor the taste of luscious shrimp spiced up with garlic and served with soft bread on the side for you to dip in to the flavorful chili sauce.

crispy tinapa dumplings Crispy Tinapa Dumplings

All these latest food attractions complement their legendary “Sarap-to-the-Bones” fried chicken that will certainly make Max’s not only a brand, but also a cuisine that suits the Filipino palate.

Max’s also introduces the Coco Pineapple Shake, a cool sweet-flavored mix of natural coconut and fresh pineapple- – a truly perfect blend to make your summer delightfully refreshing.

Start getting into a fresh habit, dine-in at any Max’s Restaurant near you or dial Max’s Metro Manila delivery hotline.

Max’s Restaurant
hotline: 7-9000

Classic Pinoy Food at Sentro 1771

It was quite a hot day when we went to have lunch at Sentro. So it was such a welcome relief when I saw they have a classic Filipino cooler, Sago’t Gulaman, in their menu. It wasn’t overtly sweet, as most sago’t gulaman tend to be. The best
part? It’s refillable!

fried kesong puti
Fried Kesong Puti Php 250
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Lunch at Kawayan Cove

I miss summer. Not the heat , but the bright sunny days that are characteristic of the season. It’s just perfect for a day at the beach! But, it’s the rainy season here. So it was such a welcome treat to be invited to go and have lunch at Kawayan Cove.


Kawayan Cove is a 68-hectare high-end seaside residential resort community in Nasugbu, Batangas which is just a two-hour drive from Makati. There, we were toured around the property after dining on a very lavish feast prepared by our very gracious hosts, the Puyats. We dined at the Bamboo Beach Club on Bamboo Beach, the centerpiece of the Kawayan Cove development.

got crabs?

We feasted on seafood like crabs, shrimp kabobs, grilled fish; and on lechon (roast suckling pig) and chicken barbecue.

singkamas salad

There we’re also side dishes of salads, atchara and vegetables. And to cap off a wonderful meal is a dessert spread of fresh fruits and native delicacies like kakanins and leche flan!

barbecued chicken and salted egg ensalada

A delicious feast on a beautiful beach, shared with friends and gracious hosts. It truly is such a wonderful experience.

Click here to see more photos from Kawayan Cove.

Kawayan Cove
Bamboo Beach, Nasugbu
Batangas, Philippines

For more information about Kawayan Cove, call Edge Properties Development Corp. G/F Bldg. A, Karrivin Plaza, 2316 Pasong Tamo Extension, Makati City, Philippines Tel. 843-9136 to 38 and 843-8820. Or visit their website,