The Green Lantern Kreme Doughnut

Krispy Kreme Introduces The Green Lantern Kreme Doughnut
I finally tried it last night after watching The Green Lantern movie, and i I loved it. I loved it so much I had three in one sitting!

The Green Lantern Kreme Doughnut is Krispy Kreme’s version of the comic book classic made of rich chocolate dough, smothered with Hershey’s milk chocolate icing, doused with confectioner’s sugar and topped with a dollop of green jelly. Sounds good right?

If you haven’t tried it yet, grab one or even a dozen, and get in on The Green Lantern craze. This limited edition doughnut is available only from June 3 to July 10.


I love buro! I sometimes eat it everyday, with fried fish, eggplants and steamed okra.

Buro is made of fermented rice with fish or shrimps, and originated from Pampanga. It is sauteed in oil with garlic, onions and tomatoes and served as a condiment to grilled and fried fish, fresh mustasa (mustard greens) and fried or steamed eggplant and okra.

burong dalag
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Selecta Gold Series Vanilla Almond

Selecta has come up with another flavor for it’s Gold Series– Vanilla Almond. In line with their previous Gold Series flavors, Vanilla Almond was also developed with a renowned chef. Chefs Sau Del Rosario, Rolando Laudico and J. Gamboa each helped develop the first 3 flavors. This time, Selecta tapped the culinary genius of Chef Ariel Manuel of Lolo Dad’s to come up with this new, decadent offering.

vanilla almond
The new Selecta Gold Series flavor Vanilla Almond is a very rich and creamy blend of vanilla ice cream, caramel fudge and almonds. Continue reading “Selecta Gold Series Vanilla Almond”

Tita Lynn's Flavored Suman

I love suman, particularly suman sa ibos— the light yellow ones that come in bunches. Now I usually get my suman fix from the market. But, that means having to wake up early because they only sell it in the morning. So what do I do when I crave suman in the middle of the day? I head to Tita Lynn’s.

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Argentina Canned Cuisine Chef's Series

I can’t talk enough about the versatility of corned beef! This canned food can be used in a multitude of dishes. I’ve used it in soups, pastas, sandwiches,… it just goes on! Check out how I used it in this dish. While I do prefer a particular foreign brand because of it’s texture, I do find that local brand Argentina’s Gold Label Corned Beef is just as good.

Argentina Cheese and Mushroom Penne
Argentina Cheese and Mushroom Penne

Argentina recently held a demo on how corned beef can be an inspiration to create new dishes called “Canned Cuisine Chef’s Series”.
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