Cocktails @ T House

Before heading down to our final destination, we made a stop at T house for some cocktails. It’s late afternoon, and by now, everyone was hot, sleepy and tired.

Upon entering the property, we were greeted by warm smiles from the staff who had some cool moist face towels for us to wipe our tired faces with. That really perked us up. And as if that was not enough to cool and jolt us awake, they served us with a very refreshing welcome cocktail. The drink is a sweet concoction made from kamias (bilimbi), ice, flavored with sugar syrup and a hint of mint. Fully refreshed and with drinks in hand, we wandered around for a bit and took in the sights.

T House Tagaytay 05

T house is a welcome retreat from the busy and bustling city life we are so used to. With an Asian-inspired modern architecture, the Zen-like atmosphere created by the streamlined interiors and lush green surroundings, paired with the gentle trickling sound of mini-water fountains, and delicious food,T house is definitely the place to go if you want to get away from it all.

After a while, our hosts ushered us into the dining hall. We were greeted by a cozy dining area, with a wet bar on one end, and a big buffet table laden with scrumptious canapes’ and one of the best-tasting puto (rice cake) – Mang Rudy’s – I’ve had on the other. The canapes’ they served were made with fresh pan de sal they baked, topped with toppings of grilled chicken, salmon, cheese, liver pate and fresh greens. We washed it all down with refreshing glasses of lemon grass iced tea.

T House Tagaytay 04
Mang Rudy’s Puto


After filling ourselves with delicious food, we lounged about some more before heading out to our final stop.

Relaxation. Serenity. Tranquility. That is the T House experience.

Being gastronomically satisfied is just a bonus. 😉

T House
3195 Calamba Road, Tagaytay City
(046) 483.0011, (046) 483.0012
(mobile) 0922-8THouse

Location map
Map to T House Tagaytay
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Thank you to T House for the warm reception; and also to Verdana Homes and Anton for inviting us to experience this awesome Tagaytay food tour. It truly was a wonderful experience.