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Pork Adobo Recipe

December 11th, 2008 7 Comments

The other thing I cooked for my birthday was pork adobo. I know it’s a simple ordinary Filipino dish, but just weeks ago, I was able cook great adobo in Batanes, and I wanted to replicate it for my family. Besides, it’s not everyday we eat adobo in the house. My sister taught me this […]

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The Adobo Bento– a Pinoy take on Japanese boxed meals

April 25th, 2008 21 Comments

As a kid I was fascinated with bentos since I first saw one on Japan Video Topics. If you are unfamiliar about Japan Video Topics, it’s a mini-program wherein they showcase things of interest about Japan and it’s culture such as tourist spots, festivals,technology, food, etc. These are shown on a daily basis during odd […]

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