The dawning of the African Sunrise

We’ve had a sip of the African Sunrise back in April. Since then, we’ve all been eagerly waiting for June, the approximate date when the African Sunrise Tea will be available in Manila. June passed and July set in, and still no new teas were being offered at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. Then finally, that invite to get a sneak preview of the tea we’ve all been waiting for.

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf African Sunrise Tea leaves

The African Sunrise tea they had us try before was the simple brewed tea — no sugar, no milk. This time, we were able to try the Brewed, Iced and the Latte version of the African Sunrise. First, the brewed. As soon as the cups was set down on the table, the tantilizing aroma of the tea wafted up to our noses. Right then and there, we knew it was a definite winner, even without tasting. The African Sunrise Brewed Tea is a heady mix of African honeybush, orange peel, and mallow flowers — each with its own unique flavor and scent that blends perfectly together.

Next came the Iced Tea variant. Unlike the hot brewed tea, the Iced Tea had added sugar, to cater to the Filipino taste. One sip and I’ve forgotten all the other Iced Teas I’ve tried before. The African Sunrise Iced tea was refreshing, and would be the beverage of choice, after a long walk out in the sun. The hot nor the iced tea prepared me for the African Sunrise Tea Latte, though. I’m not much of a latte drinker, but this variant made me a convert. Mixed with Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf’s signature Vanilla powder, the African Sunrise is transformed once again into a great coffee alternative. The vanilla further enhances the tea’s natural flavor, while infusing its own distinct taste.

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf African Sunrise Tea and Honey Bran Muffin

Each beverage was paired with Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf’s yummy food offerings. The brewed tea was paired with Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf’s Chicago Cheesecake, the iced tea with the Chef’s Tuna Sandwich, and the tea latte with the Honey Bran Muffin. Each pairing was a perfect match, and further affirms my belief that CBTL has the best coffee shop food.

Mark your calendars: the African Sunrise will hit the stores on Monday, July 28th. Which variant will you order?

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