Desserts at Chateau Hestia

After our delicious and hearty Vietnamese lunch, our troop headed down the road for dessert.

Just around the bend from Bawai’s is Chateau Hestia, a restaurant and B&B named after the Greek goddess of the hearth, which specializes in European cuisine. Johannes Zegethofer, one of the owners of Chateau Hestia, offers his favorite European dishes in a restaurant with an elegant country- style design that is surrounded by lush gardens filled with exotic tropicals.

A very interesting trivia I’ve learned about Chateau Hestia is that the frame of the structure is actually made from recycled cargo containers.

Chateau Hestia 09
Johannes Zegethofer


I am a self-confessed dessert lover. To me, dessert is the best part of any meal!

So when they brought out and served the dessert platter I got so exited I didn’t even bother to take any photos. We were served a trio of equally sinful desserts: Panna Cotta, Mousse Au Chocolat and , Ferrero chocolate ice cream.

Chateau Hestia 07
Dessert sampler, from left: Panna Cotta, Mousse Au Chocolat topped with Red Wine Poached Pear, and Ferrero Chocolate Ice Cream


The Mousse Au Chocolat is a chocolate ganache made from bittersweet Belgian chocolate, and topped with a slice of poached pear in red wine. It was so good! I love the taste of the bittersweet chocolate with just a hint of sweetness. I am a bit biased though because I love dark chocolate. =D

The 2nd dessert on the plate is the Ferrero Chocolate Ice Cream, a home-made treat made with Ferrero Rocher at Chateau Hestia.

Chateau Hestia 06
Panna Cotta with Orange Jam


The third dessert, which I really loved is the Panna Cotta. The soft and silky texture of this Italian dessert just melts in your mouth! The subtle tartness and sweetness of the orange jam on top gives a nice contrast and finish to it.

Chateau Hestia 08
Dalandancello and Vin de Orange


After having dessert, we were served a sampling of two of their signature house liqueurs : dalandancello- a limoncello made from dalandan; and the vin de orange- a wine wine made out of oranges.

For reservations or inquiries please call or text: +63 929 711-3289/ +63-918-930-5372 or visit their website:

Location map:
Map to Chateau Hestia Garden Restaurant, Tagaytay
Click on the map to see the larger version.

Thank you to Johannes Zegethofer for being such a graceful host; and also to Verdana Homes and Anton for inviting us to experience this awesome Tagaytay food tour. It truly was a wonderful experience.