Crepes & Cream

Crepes and cream is a modern and trendy cafe that serves a wide choice of savory and sweet crepe creations, ranging from Asian to Western flavors. There are over 30 types of crepe creations to choose from– all prepared fresh upon order.

The savory crepe menu includes the Pork floss Chessy Omellette, Smoked Salmon, the classic Mushroom ham with Mozarella, and the Japanese cuisine inspired Kani Mango. There’s also a BLT– bacon, lettuce and tomato- crepe, which is what I ordered since I’m a BLT sandwhich lover. This take on the classic sandwich is a rerfreshing and novel approach which I liked so much.

kani-mango crepeKani Mango
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Eli's Cheesecake Tira Mi Su Sampler

My mom went to the supermarket the other day after a visit to the dentist’s clinic. She brought this treat home:

Eli's Cheesecake Tira Mi Su Sampler
Eli’s Cheesecake Tira Mi Su Sampler

Tira mi su is a popular Italian dessert that means “pick me up” in English. It is made up of sponge biscuits or stale cake dipped in a mixture of coffee and rum, topped with a mixture of mascarpone’ cheese, egg yolks, cream and sugar, and then crowned with a dusting of cocoa.

The sampler has four variants– the original tira mi su, chocolate, white chocolate, and caramel. With three slices of each variant, there’s plenty to go around!

Eli's Cheesecake Tira Mi Su Sampler
Original Tiramisu, White Chocolate and Caramel

I’ve tried all four, and I liked all of them. It’s safe to say that I wasn’t disappointed. Well except for the size of the portion. It was a bit to small for me, but then again I do like my cake slices big! Other than that, it was pure heaven! The mascarpone’ layer was not too sweet, very smooth and very creamy!

Eli's Cheesecake Tira Mi Su Sampler
Chocolate Tiramisu

Eli’s Tira mi su Sampler and Cheesecakes are available at Robinson’s Supermarket and Makro outlets. You can also order online at