Creamline Ice Cream

I’ve been wondering what to write for my first food post for kainpinoy when I found out that Creamline Ice Cream was being sold in a nearby sari-sari store.

Upskirt ufooooo~~~~
Creamline Choco Mud Pie and Emi’s panties

What’s so special about Creamline Ice Cream, you ask? I have to admit that it started out as a joke, our fascination with this ice cream. We tried it, and we found out that it wasn’t so bad. As their website proudly proclaims, their ice cream is creamier than the other local brands. They also have a variety of flavors that other local brands don’t. So far, the two Creamline Premium Cream Cups that I’ve tried are Tiramisu and Choco Mud Pie.

Success! Creamline Ice Cream!
Pardon the crappy shots. It was too hot and the ice cream was melting -_-


The big question now is, where to buy Creamline Ice Cream? We first tried Creamline in Batangas, and we’ve been wondering since then where to buy them in Metro Manila. Luckily enough, while I was asking my sister to be on the lookout for the Creamline logo in Quiapo, my niece interrupted to say that the sari-sari store sells Creamline. Hallelujah! Their website isn’t really helpful as to where to buy their products. However, their website announced that there’s a Creamline kiosk inside Virramall in Greenhills.

Success! Creamline Ice Cream!
Mmmm, cookie bits!

Creamline Premium Cream Cups are sold between Php 18 – 25 each.