What's in your dream kitchen?

I remember back in college, I had a conversation with one of my classmates about our dream kichens. I said I wanted a country-style kitchen, because it looks so homey. She, on the otherhand, wanted a white kitchen with stainless steel appliances. I said stainless looks cold and sterile. However, several years later, I finally realize how sexy stainless steel can be, specially in the kitchen.

GE Monogram and Ariston 14
Who wouldn’t want to cook here? It has a gridle and a grill too!

You can just imagine how excited I was stepping inside GE Monogram’s showroom in Serendra. There was a mock kitchen set up with granite countertops, glass-ceramic induction stovetops, sleek side-by-side refrigerators that was chilling bottled water that was filtered through GE Merlin.

GE Monogram and Ariston 04
The Php 300,000 ref. The price of a compact car, and has that new car smell too!

GE Merlin is GE’s latest and biggest innovation. A high capacity water purifier that uses Reverse Osmosis (RO). Merlin uses a new, patented membrane element technology that provides flow rates up to five times greater than standard reverse osmosis membranes. The best bit? It hardly takes up any space. Since GE Merlin is a continuous flow reverse osmosis water filtration system, it does not require a tank to store water.

GE Monogram and Ariston 10
Ryan, the delusional chef, checking out the trivection oven

Another thing that amazed us was the Monogram Trivection wall oven. At first look, it does look like an oven, but upon closer inspection, we were surprised to see that it also have microwave functions. The trivection oven uses thermal, convection and microwave cooking that allows you to bake, broil, roast and warm foods up to five times faster than a conventional oven.

Sounds very impressive no? I think I’m pretty certain which items will grace my dream kitchen. Now to work on getting my own kitchen…

For more information, visit the GE Monogram Experience Center in Serendra (856-2518) or the GE and Ariston Showroom, 4th level Shangri-La Plaza Mall (631-8282). You may also visit their website at www.cyaindustries.com or www.monogram.com.