New things to try at Dong Bei

We all know how much I love Dong Bei’s dumplings. I love it so much that after discovering how to go back there, I’ve been back three more times AND going back again tomorrow. It’s easy to see why I love this hole in the wall dumpling place: their fresh dumplings are simply the best I’ve ever tasted. I love it so much that I almost never order anything else. Good thing that I brought over friends who wanted to try new things.

Dong Bei Fried Tofu

Discovery #1: Fried Tofu
I wouldn’t have known about this hadn’t Ming wanted to try something fried. We also ordered the fried eggplant along with this, but the eggplant soaked all the oil and it wasn’t as pleasant as the tofu. The tofu sandwiched flavorful ground pork, fried then slathered with yummy sauce. One order has about 10 pieces of ‘tofu sandwich’ and costs Php100.

Dong Bei Wong LoKat Herbal Tea

Discovery #2: Wong LoKat Herbal Tea
I saw the boxes of Wong LoKat stacked in a corner during previous visits, but never bothered to ask about it. Last Saturday, when we went back, our server offered us this herbal tea, saying it’s like C2 iced tea. We decided to try it, and we were presented with this red cans of tea, glistening with moisture since it cam straight out of the refrigerator. The ice cold tea was very refreshing and was quite tasty. Juned says it tastes like it had Chrysanthemum, while Melo and I agreed it tasted faintly like it has arnibal, the syrup used for making sago’t gulaman. Chrysanthemum or arnibal, I love this tea!

Discovery #3: Seafood noodles
Due to Arpee’s dietary restrictions, he wasn’t able to taste the fried tofu. To compensate, he ordered the Seafood Noodles. The broth has this subtle flavor bordering on bland. It’s perfect because you can taste the ingredients. The noodles are fresh (as always), and the shrimp does taste fresh. Another winner!