Everyday is Christmas at Jollibee

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As a kid, it is easy to think that Christmas is about presents, aguinaldo and noche buena. But as people get older, these perceptions are trimmed down to one important thing: having the entire family together for one day. People adjust their schedules, making sure that they have freed Christmas Day of any other commitments. And it doesn’t matter much if there are gifts or not, because the mere presence of loved ones is enough to make the holiday celebration complete. Continue reading “Everyday is Christmas at Jollibee”

Breakfast at Jollibee

These past 3 months, I have spent my nights awake, keeping watch over my sick stepfather at the hospital. I get really hungry in the morning-towards the end of my “shift”,- so what I do is head on down to the Jollibee outlet downstairs to get my breakfast fix with an order, or two, of Jollibee Breakfast Joys.

Bangus Crispy Bangus
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Jollibee's Chicken Barbecue

When it comes to Filipino food, perhaps no other fast food company has managed to become a cherished national institution which reflects true Pinoy taste as successfully as Jollibee. Since its inception in the late 1970s, it has continually seduced the country’s collective palate with its inventive products that have gone on to become well-loved Pinoy staples: the Yumburger, the Jollibee Spaghetti, the Chickenjoy and the Burger Steak, among many others. Building on this tradition of innovation, Jollibee has introduced its newest major offering which promises to be another popular hit: the Jollibee Chicken Barbecue.

Jollibee Chicken Barbecue
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Jollibee’s Big Bowl Soups

Full-size comfort comes just in time for the rainy season as Jollibee presents bigger versions of its soothing soup offerings —the La Paz Batchoy Style Soup Big Bowl and the Creamy Macaroni Soup Big Bowl.

jolibee's big bowl soup
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What's New At Jollibee?

This summer, Jollibee unveiled some new products to it’s already yummy menu, as well as relaunching an old favorite.

A new member has been added to the Jollibee Ice Craze roster–the Mango Caramel Surprise! You will surely love the new Mango Caramel Surprise with its combination or tangy mango chunks and caramel sweetness.

Mango Caramel Surprise
Mango Caramel Surprise
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Jollibee's Black Forest Sundae is pure bliss

The work week has just started. Do you feel stressed already? Take some time out, de-stress and give yourself a treat.

Jollibee Black Forest Sundae

Jollibee is coming out with a new sundae variant that lets you indulge without having to spend a lot: the Black Forest Sundae. Our favorite vanilla soft serve ice cream is smothered in rich dark chocolate syrup, blended with a drizzle of cherry syrup, served with moist brownie chunks from Red Ribbon and dark chocolate bits, and a slice of cherry on top. The best part? It’s only Php 35 pesos.

This sumptuous treat will be available in Jollibee branches starting September 24, 2008.

Bacon Mushroom Tops and Chili Cheese Dog

Jollibee has always been one of my favorite fastfoods, and every visit to their store leads to several minutes standing at the counter, undecided which treat to order. Now choosing is even harder with the Jolly Hotdog’s two new variant: the Chili Chesse Dog and the Bacon Mushroom Tops.

Jolly Hotdog Bacon Mushroom Tops

If you think the original Jolly Hotdog was good, it gets even better. The Chili Cheese Dog has spicy beef toppings with cheese. Not too spicy, but it does have that kick. The Bacon Mushroom Tops have bacon bits, mushroom, and you guessed it, cheese.

Jolly Hotdog Chili Cheese Dog

Each variant costs Php42.00 each, but if you order it as a value meal (with drink and regular fries), it would cost you Php 66.00.

The Return Of The Amazing Aloha And Cheesy Bacon Mushroom

Two all-time Jollibee favorites are making a comeback!

I am happy to announce that Jollibee is bringing back the Amazing Aloha and Cheesy Bacon Mushroom burgers!

Cheesy Bacon Mushroom
Cheesy Bacon Mushroom Solo- Php 82.00 / Value meal- Php 108.00

I’ve always loved the Amazing Aloha, so I was a bit dismayed when I found out that it had been removed from the menu. When I had the opportunity to talk to Ms. Arline Adeva, Joliibee PR Manager, a few weeks back, I told her how much I loved the Amazing Aloha and asked if it will ever come back as part of the menu. She told me, with a smile, “let’s just wait and see.” I’ve wondered how long I would have to.

So you can just imagine how overjoyed I was when I learned earlier this evening that they are indeed bringing them back. In my mind I was screaming “My prayers have been answered!”

Along with some friends from the press, I was lucky enough to be one of the first to sample the improved Amazing Aloha and Cheesy Bacon Mushroom burgers.

The Cheesy Bacon Mushroom is made up of soft toasted buns layered with 100% pure beef double patty, strips of bacon, mushrooms, and a slathered with a hefty serving of cream cheese.

Amazing Aloha
Amazing Aloha Solo- Php 82.00 / Value meal- Php 108.00

The Amazing Aloha is unique, and like no other burger you’ll find in the Philippines. I think no other burger chain in the country has a burger like it: a burger made of 100% pure beef double patty, bacon, cheese, lettuce and a thick slice of pineapple, sandwiched by a soft toasted bun.

From being single-patty sandwiches, both burgers now boast of juicy double patties, topped with the great-tasting toppings. I just can’t get over how good they tasted!

I guess it’s true what they say– it’s definitely sweeter… the second time around.

The Amazing Aloha and Cheesy Bacon Mushroom burgers will be available in all Jollibee stores nationwide beginning August 13, 2008.

La Paz Batchoy Style Noodles @ Jollibee

la paz batchoy style noodles

As Filipinos brace themselves for the cold and wet season, count on leading fast-food chain Jollibee to offer special treats that give customers that warm taste of home. New in its top-selling soup menu is one of the Pinoy’s all time favorite soups that is guaranteed to provide comfort during these rainy months.

The new Jollibee La Paz Batchoy Style Noodle Soup is offered in Jollibee stores located in Mega Manila, South Luzon, North Luzon and some VISMIN stores beginning July 2.

Jollibee’s version of the favorite La Paz Batchoy consists of firm noodles beefed up by a flavorful meat broth and topped with the freshest vegetables, sautéed pork, a slice of egg and crunchy bits of garlic and chicharon.

Whether stranded at work, looking for that perfect rainy-day pasalubong, or catching up with friends and officemates, the new Jollibee La Paz Batchoy Soup is a surefire way to pamper the taste buds and the tummy.
Jollibee’s La Paz Batchoy Soup offer hot, home-cooked goodness at the comforting price of only P28 as a light solo meal or as a snack. If what you crave for is a Filipino meal complete with a hot and hearty bowl of sabaw, just add to your favorite Jollibee value meal for only an additional P25.

What’s more, Jollibee La Paz Batchoy may also be enjoyed right at the comfort of your own homes or offices because it is available via delivery. Just call
8-7000 to get your own bowl of La Paz Batchoy and other Jollibee treats.

Jollibee will also offer another soup variety, the Pinoy Chicken Mami in a few selected stores in VISMIN.