Bacon Mushroom Tops and Chili Cheese Dog

Jollibee has always been one of my favorite fastfoods, and every visit to their store leads to several minutes standing at the counter, undecided which treat to order. Now choosing is even harder with the Jolly Hotdog’s two new variant: the Chili Chesse Dog and the Bacon Mushroom Tops.

Jolly Hotdog Bacon Mushroom Tops

If you think the original Jolly Hotdog was good, it gets even better. The Chili Cheese Dog has spicy beef toppings with cheese. Not too spicy, but it does have that kick. The Bacon Mushroom Tops have bacon bits, mushroom, and you guessed it, cheese.

Jolly Hotdog Chili Cheese Dog

Each variant costs Php42.00 each, but if you order it as a value meal (with drink and regular fries), it would cost you Php 66.00.