A Poppin' Bloggin' dinner at Nestle Creamery

Ice cream plays a big role in the Filipino household. It’s always present in any celebration, and it’s one of the best way to cool down on a hot and humid day in the Philippines. With all the ice cream variants in the market, how else can you entice customers who are already spoilt for choice? By giving them a whole new product, of course!

Nestle POPS Ice Cream Launch 02
Chocolate chip morsels? No, it’s Nestlé POPS

After extensive market research, the people at Nestlé found out that snacking is a vital part in any Filipino’s day. Be it the mid morning snack, the afternoon merienda or the guilt-inducing midnight snack, Filipinos snack as if there’s no tomorrow, and we do it in groups. With this in mind, Nestlé came up with the perfect ice cream snack that can be eaten on the go and shared with friends: Nestlé POPS.

Neste Pops Screenshot 02
Flick ’em Nestlé POPS into the mouths of the rock stars and win an XBOX 360!

Nestlé POPS are chocolate coated vanilla ice cream that looks like chocolate chip morsels. Except frozen. And cold. If you eat it straight out of the freezer, it’s like a hard candy and you have to suck on it till the outer chocolate shell melts and the creamy vanilla ice cream ooze out. A minute out from the fridge, and you can bite into the crunchy chocolate and into the cold ice cream. Either way, it’s a fun way of eating ice cream.

Nestle POPS Ice Cream Launch 04
The lucky bastard blogger who on the Lomo Pop 9 camera.

Nestlé POPS have been out in the market for months now, but it was only last night that it was formally launched to a gathering of bloggers and friends. Nestlé has clearly studied the trends, and in keeping up with the Pinoy’s penchant for anything online, they also launched the Nestlé POPS website, www.GetYourPopOn.ph. The highlight of the website is the Get Poppin’ game, wherein you have to flick Nestlé POPS into the mouths of the rock stars performing on stage. Unlike other online games wherein you only get the bragging rights when you hit the high score, you get a chance to win cool prizes. Fancy watching IMAX for free? How about a karaoke dinner, a bowling party or a trip to Enchanted Kingdom for the whole barkada? Or how about an XBOX 360 console with the Rock Band set? Log on to www.GetYourPopOn.ph, and try your luck! (I did and only got 45. Booo.)

A big thanks to Nestlé, Proximity Philippines and Mad Crowd Media for the fun, poppin’ night!