Tasting the best hamburgers at Pepper Lunch

I’ve been eagerly waiting to try Pepper Lunch, ever since I read about it in Chuvaness’ blog, one of Pepper Lunch’s owner. So have every blogger subscribed to her blog. When it finally opened, fans came in droves, resulting in long lines that snake around the Powerplant’s basement. Two months after, I was finally able to try it for myself.

Hamburger at Pepper Lunch
Melo’s Hamburger Steak

After reading several blogs singing praises for the flavorful meats, I had high expectations. Also, after seeing countless pictures of the servings and the menu, I know what to order even before I went.

I had the Cut Steak and Hamburger Combo, while my dinner buddy Melo had the Hamburger. For dessert, I ordered the Vanilla Crepe Cake.

Combo Cut Steak and Hamburger at Pepper Lunch
Combo Cut Steak and Hamburger

The steaks were served in a hot plate. Not just any ordinary hotplate — Pepper Lunch uses a patented technology that heats up to 300 degrees so you can cook your meat, and keeps your food hot without burning it. It’s also non-stick, so there’s no danger of your food sticking to the metal.

The meats arrive sizzling. There’s instruction printed on the paper that shields you from the bubbling oils. Basically, when you’re served your meal, you’re supposed to slather the flavored butter across the meat and cook it to your desired done-ness. There are two kinds of sauces you can use on your veggies and meat: Garlic Soy Sauce and the Honey Soy Sauce.

Vanilla Crepe Cake at Pepper Lunch
Vanilla Crepe Cake

The meat and hamburger were good on their own, even without the sauce. The hamburger was incredibly juicy, and the cut steak reminded me of bacon with its generous sliver of fat. Bacon = good. Mmmm, bacon.

Bacon talk aside, the entire meal was good. Another thing that stood out for me was the rice. They use real Japanese rice, and you can clearly taste the difference from ordinary rice. The dessert was light and fluffy. Good enough, but I’ll probably order a different dessert next time.