Leveled-Up Pizzas and New Lunch Plates At Greenwich

ultimate hawaiian thin crust

Greenwich is my go to place if I want to have a quick pizza and pasta fix. There’s a branch near where I live so it is quite convenient. Among all the flavors available, the flavor that I usually order is Hawaiian, because I love pineapple on my pizza. So it was such a treat to learn that Greenwich has “leveled-up” their Hawaiian pizzas into the Ultimate Hawaiian Overload! Greenwich gives us an upgraded taste of our favorite Hawaiian pizza by loading it with 2x more Hawaiian toppings – premium ham, glazed pineapple, smoked bacon and 100% Mozzarella and Cheddar cheese.
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Celebrate the Flavors of Christmas with Greenwich

For Filipinos, Christmas is the most-awaited season not only because we get to spend time with our friends and loved ones, but because we get to enjoy the special and unforgettable holiday flavors associated with this time of year. We always make sure that we prepare the perfect noche buena to usher in Christmas day, serving an abundance of Filipino holiday favorites like Christmas ham, roast beef, pasta, and fruit salad.

Likewise, no Christmas feast is complete without the tasty quezo de bola, the cheesy treat that has become a holiday staple for many Filipinos. Whether you’re gathering for a giant feast with the family or having a Yuletide get-together with friends, it’s always great to bond over all of these cheesy and delicious food that lets you taste the joys of the Season.

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Greenwich Extreme Cheese Pizzas For Men

The Overloaded Extreme Cheese Pizzas for Men introduces 2 new and exciting pizza flavors that promise to be, not just the cheesiest, but the meatiest pizzas in the country as well! While still overflowing with 2x more cheese, these new pizza flavors also boast an overloaded amount of meat toppings.

Overloaded Philly Cheese Steak Pizza
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Greenwich Pizza Party with John Lloyd

Greenwich invited members of both traditional and new media to formally launch their new Gourmet Overloaded pizzas a couple of weeks back. Instead of a formal press conference, we were treated to a pizza party with Greenwich endorser, John Lloyd Cruz.

Greenwich Overloaded Pizza Party 03
John Lloyd with the Greenwich team

Greenwich’s Rufino branch was packed with media people, eagerly waiting the pizza and John Lloyed. At 4 pm, the guest of honor was ushered in, and camera flashes filled the room. After the introductions and raffle, the pizzas were brought out: Hickory BBQ Chicken and Grilled Beef Shawarma.

Greenwich Overloaded Pizza Party 01
Greenwich Overloaded Hickory BBQ Chicken Pizza

The Hickory BBQ Chicken Overloaded Pizza was packed with toppings, and in one whiff, and you know the pizza’s bursting with flavor. And it was. The Grilled Beef Shawarma was the winner in my book, though. It was able to capture that shawarma flavor I’ve been hankering for. So much so that I had to resist the urge to roll the pizza slice and it shawarma style XD

Greenwich Overloaded Pizza Party 02
Greenwich Overloaded Grilled Beef Shawarma Pizza

And to further prove that I hardly pay attention, I learned that afternoon that the Greenwich Overloaded pizzas are available in thin and thick crusts (which it turns, Ryan already blogged before). I’m partial to thin crusts, but in Greenwich’s case, I highly recommend going for the thick crust version. I find the thick crust softer than the thin crust, and are actually not that thick. I also found out why their pizzas aren’t as oily as other pizzas: they use olive oil!

Greenwich Pizza

Website: www.greenwich.com.ph
Delivery Hotline: 5-55-55

Discovering Amazing Cones

“Let’s try that pizza in cone place,” Rey said.

“The what?” I asked. Did I hear him right? Pizza in a cone?

“I heard there’s this place in New Manila that sells pizza in a cone.”

A quick Google search later, I discover that there is indeed a store that sells pizza in a cone: Amazing Cones. Currently, they only have two branches, one along Doña Hemady in New Manila, and the other at the V-Mall in the Greenhills Shopping Center. With a determination to try something new (and having nothing else better to do), Rey and I headed to Greenhills to find out what the fuss is all about.

Amazing Cones 03
My Feisty Fajita and Rey’s Supremo Italiano

Basically, Amazing Cones’ specialty are their pizzas, which is served in a pita-esque bread, shaped like a cone. The pizza toppings are put inside the cone and topped with mozzarella cheese. The pizza cones come straight from the oven, served in a cone holder to keep it upright. The cones were hot, and because its shape, the heat is retained longer. You’d have to nibble through the gooey mozzarella to help the pizza toppings cool.

Amazing Cones 02
Amazing Ice

Amazing Cones offer a variety of pizza flavors ranging from the familiar to combinations you’d only find in specialty pizza places. I had the Feisty Fajita, which was a refreshing change from the traditional pizza topping with its combination of chicken, bell pepper, onions, cilantro, cheese sauce and mozzarella. Priced between Php 70 – 80 for each cone, it’s decently priced. The cones aren’t too big though, equivalent to one slice of pizza.

We each had Black Gulaman Amazing Ice to go with our pizza cones, and an Amazing Swirl Kool Twist & Amazing Swirl Crunchi Creme for dessert. Priced at Php 60, I didn’t find the Amazing Ice a good value, specially since the large cup wasn’t large at all and I didn’t like its taste (and mind you, I LOVE gulaman). My Kool Twist in its regular cone costs Php 65, while Rey’s Crunchi Creme was priced at Php 80 and comes in a Belgian Waffle cone. As you can see in the picture, they were very generous with the ice cream. The ice cream was creamy indeed, and each order can be shared.

Amazing Cones 06
Amazing Swirl

The concept is cute and intriguing. I loved the Feisty Fajita and the ice cream cone (though I doubt I’d be eating ice cream again anytime soon). I’m definitely going back to try the other flavors.

Amazing Cones
#11 Doña Hemady Street
New Manila, Quezon City
Phone: (632) 4165299 / 7241402
Fax: (632) 7227904
Website: http://www.amazingcones.com

Unit V118 G/F V-Mall Building
Greeenhills Shopping Center, San Juan

Discover Something Deliciously Different!

Just like I did!

At the start of summer, Greenwich launched the Greenwich Overloaded Pizzas, which boasts of having the most toppings on any local pizza available. This new product line also signaled Greenwich’s expansion into rolled edge thick-crust pizza, with the 2 new flavors serving as it’s maiden offerings. I got to sample these two new variants at the recent press launch held at the Greenwich Mall of Asia branch.

Greenwich Overloaded Pizza
Greenwich Overloaded Pizzas

I sat down with Mr. Luis Velasco, Senior Marketing Manager for Media, PR & New Business, and Mr. Joseph Aruta, Project Manager, to discuss this latest pizza craze to hit the country. Mr. Velasco explains that this new line was the result of a study conducted last year which revealed 84 percent of Filipinos prefer plenty of toppings, and that a big percentage also preferred thick-crust pizzas. (I am one of them.=D) According to Mr. Aruta, nearly four million slices of the Greenwich Overloaded Pizzas have been sold since March.

Greenwich Special Overloaded Pizza

The new Greenwich Special Overload is basically the same as the regular Greenwich Special, but with three times more premium meats, fresh veggies, and 100 percent Mozzarella cheese toppings. The new Greenwich Meat and Cheese Overload on the other hand, has layer upon layer of Italian sausage, ground beef, pepperoni, salami, bacon, Parmesan and Mozzarella cheese. For thin crust lovers, rejoice! Both variants also come in thin-crust versions that are still guaranteed to fill even the biggest of appetites!

Meat and Cheese
Meat and Cheese Overloaded Pizza

Available in double and family size; rolled thick-crust and thin crust, The new Greenwich Overloaded Pizzas are also available in a square thin crust, which can serve 6-8 people. Can’t decide on which variant to order? Why not have both?! With the Half & Half Overload, you get to sample both on one pizza crust.

My verdict? Overall, I liked how both of the flavors tasted. The rolled edge thick-crust is crusty on the outside yet very soft on the inside. And the top is just packed and overflowing with toppings, just the way i like it. It’s seasoned just right, and what I liked the most, which really surprised me, was that the crust wasn’t oily. At all. I am used to seeing a lot of oil under thick crust pizzas from other pizzerias, so it was a pleasant surprise.

The new Greenwich Overloaded Pizzas are available in all Greenwich branches nationwide. Head on over to the nearest Greenwich and sink your teeth into the new Overloaded Pizzas to discover something deliciously different!

For more information, visit their website at http://www.greenwich.com.ph .

Too lazy to go out? Then let your fingers do the walking! Greenwich delivers! Call 5-55-55 to have your Greenwich Overloaded Pizzas delivered to your doorstep.