Grilled Oregano Chicken

My mother loves watching cooking shows, and one of her current favorites is Q TV’s Quickfire: 10-minute kitchen wonders with Chef Rosebud Benitez. That’s probably where she got the idea of this simple chicken dish.

When my mother first asked me to try this, I was skeptical because it didn’t really look good. Plus, it’s chicken breast, and I’m wary that it’d be dry. However, I was in for a surprise — it tasted good and it was moist! I was an instant convert, and I’ve been cooking this dish every week.
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Easy Roast Chicken

One of my favorite things to eat while in Australia was roast chicken. Every time my sister and I go to the supermarket, we always pick up a tray of seasoned chicken that’s ready to roast. The roast is always a huge hit in the house, and the kids that are normally hard to feed have chicken bones piled up their plates. I wanted to replicate the chicken, so I tried my hand at making them from scratch, using the roast chicken seasoning she sent us in one of the balikbayan boxes.
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