Rafik's Wagyu Shawarma

Fellow foodies Eric and Bong were headed to the Salcedo Weekend Market, so I tagged along, eager to see how the market has grown from the last time I went there (which was way back in 2004). My, has it grown! There are certainly more booths now compared to 4 years ago, and twice as many people. The only familiar sight was Ineng’s barbeque stall, which has always been a bestseller.

Rafik's Wagyu Shawarma 01

I went around the market twice over, to see the offerings before I decide what to have for breakfast. I was thinking of having the Paella, Kaoko always rave about, but couldn’t find it. Still, there were plenty of stalls offering a wide variety of cuisine. In no time, I was torn between several choices.

In the end I ended up at the stall near the Bgy. Bel Air Clinic. Proudly proclaiming that they serve Wagyu burgers and shawarma, my interest was certainly piqued. I’ve been hankering for shawarma for some time now, and my curiosity about Wagyu pushed me to stop and buy from the stall.

Rafik's Wagyu Shawarma 02

This is the most expensive shawarma I’ve ever had. At Php 190, it raises your expectations. It certainly reached mine. The meat was tender and packed with flavor. The garlic sauce was especially nice, too. It was quite a way to satisfy my shawarma craving.

The Salcedo Community Market is open every Saturday, from 7am to 2pm.

Salcedo Community Market
Jaime Velasquez Park
Tordesillas and Leviste (formerly Alfaro) streets
Salcedo Village, Makati City
The market is open every