Sea Kid Crispy Pusit and Crispy Dilis

Sea Kid Crispy Dilis and Crispy Pusit

It was one late afternoon a few months back when we discovered this snack. I was at the SM City North Edsa with my mom and Nina and we were passing through the Snack Exchange area when I noticed these on a display case in the center isle.

Sea Kid Crispy Dilis and Crispy Pusit

I was excited to learn that these are now available in foil packs, so I immediately picked up several packs. These are actually street foods, and are sold just about anywhere, along with fried peanuts, cornik, dried watermelon and squash seeds, and some local dried sweets like white beans and kundol.
There are four variants: Crispy Pusit (Squid); Mixed Crispy Pusit & Dilis; Crispy Dilis (Anchovies); and Spicy Crispy Dilis. All variants come in the same teriyaki flavor.

Sea Kid Mixed Crispy Pusit & Dilis
Php 29.50

We didn’t even wait to get home to have a taste. After paying at the cashier, I immediately opened one pack of the Mixed Crispy Pusit & Dilis, which the 3 of us shared, And boy it was delicious! It was sweet yet savory at the same time, and the pusit and dilis were very crispy.

Sea Kid Crispy Pusit
Php 39.50


Sea Kid Crispy Dilis
Php 19.50

If you want heat, then this one is the one for you. It still has that sweet teriyaki taste with the added kick of hot chili peppers. I like a little heat at times, but this is a bit beyond my tolerance level.

Sea Kid Crispy Spicy Dilis
Php 19.50

SeaKid makes for a delicious snack, but also makes for a delicious meal. I enjoyed eating it with rice, dipped in vinegar.

SeaKid is available at the Snack Exchange of SM Malls and SM Hypermart.

Give it a try. I’m sure you’ll love it too.