A taste of Cebuano: CNT Lechon

The second weekend of August found me, Eric and Melo in Cebu to cover the Pasigarbo sa Sugbo festival, as well as to be reacquainted with Cebuano favorites.

One of Cebu’s best delicacy of course, is the lechon. I don’t know what it is about Cebu’s lechon, but its Manila counterparts simply can’t measure up. The skin is really crispy and the meat is so tender and juicy.

Cebu Lechon CNT 02
Oh yes. I torture you with pictures of lechon.

Among the tourists, the “brand” we’re all familiar with is CnT Lechon. This is probably because there are several CNT branches scattered all over Cebu. Inside SM City Cebu, they can be found at the supermarket foodcourt. Likewise, at Ayala Center Cebu, CNT also have a stall at the mall’s foodcourt. Of course, their lechon is superb, hence the popularity of CNT among the locals and visitors alike.

We went to the CnT restaurant that’s found right across SM Cebu, along Juan Luna Extension. It’s a popular dining place during the weekend, and even though we arrived at 1pm, it was still packed with families having Sunday lunch. Ordering is done at the counter, where you tell the girl behind the counter how much lechon you want to order, and pick out any additional dishes you want to go with it, turo-turo style.

Cebu Lechon CNT 04
Don’t worry, this is hurting me as much as it hurts you… I want lechon, too!

Soon enough, two plates of chopped lechon is in the center of the table. We all reach for a strip of skin and our eyes collectively rolled back when we bit into it. It was crispy, like chicharon, yet tastes distinctly like lechon. A second set of eye-rolling ensues when we tasted the meat. The Cebu lechon has a distinct flavor — it’s so good there’s no need for any sauces!

Now, when are we going back to Cebu?

CNT Lechon
1377 V. Rama Avenue
Guadalupe, Cebu City
Phone: (6332) 254-4249, (6332) 254-6641

Thinking of bringing home a Taste of Cebuano (as CnT’s tagline say)? CnT have boxes for their lechon, so you can bring home the best Cebu lechon for friends and family. Just tell the staff behind the counter that you want it boxed when you order. You can even order a whole lechon from CnT, and have it sent via air cargo!