Fresh seafood from Zamboanga at ZBS Seafood Shop

Chefs have, time and again, stressed the importance of using the freshest and best ingredients every time you cook to achieve the best flavor and texture. Freshness is always key. But sometimes, it is hard to find such fresh ingredients, especially on such short notice.

ZBS Seafood Shop 12


Take seafood for example. We all look for freshness whenever we buy fresh seafood at the market. Like checking the gills to see if they’re a bright pinkish red; if the eyes are cloudy or clear; if the firm is flesh; and if it smells good or bad. Sometimes though, even if we think that what we’re buying is fresh, it turns out to be otherwise. To be able to get the best and most fresh catch of the day, you’d have to get up really early to hit the market, which most often than not is not a very enjoyable trip. Most markets tend to be wet, dirty and smelly.

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In Teacher’s Village in Quezon City, we found ZBS Seafood Shop which sells fresh seafood flown in from Zamboanga City. They sell all sorts of seafood from shrimps to squid, freshwater and saltwater fish–tuna; tilapia; bangus; lapu-lapu heads, among others. I especially loved their lapu-lapu heads- very big and very meaty! My mom made a very mean sinigang na ulo with it. The prices are very competitive with supermarkets and your neighborhood palengke. The place is air conditioned and very clean, very much like the Monterey meatshops. You may also have the fish cleaned, and a great time saving treat of theirs is they can also fry it for you.

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So if you live in, or near the neighborhood; or if you fancy getting some really fresh seafood, go on and visit ZBS Seafood Shop.

ZBS Seafood Shop
44A Magiting Street
Teacher’s Village East,
Diliman, Quezon City.
Telephone No. 928-0809, 927-9426